Did you ever stop to notice

All the blood we’ve shed before?

Did you ever stop to notice

This crying Earth, these weeping shores?

This verse is part of Earth’s song lyrics. A 1982 Micheal Jackson song is still relevant in today’s world after 40 years! Did you ever stop to notice how good these environment-related songs are?

There is no doubt that those who love the environment will hear songs targeting the environment sector. 

Several environmental songs since long back have been released so far that provide a positive message to all humans concerning the value of the environment and its importance in our daily lives. 

It emphasizes nature conservation entailing multiple hot topics as being visualized in the contemporary world in the past and today.

Below mentioned is the inclusion of the ten songs throughout the globe that every environment lover must hear.

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1. Earth song by Michael Jackson

Song by Michael Jackson | Video Credit – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the singer of the earth song. This song, released around 40 years ago, is still relevant to today’s time. 

The lyrics of this song prioritized and sought attention concerning several environmental issues such as forest fire, deforestation rate, and the ongoing wildlife extinction. People get attention to conserve their earth as expressed through this song. 

The lyrics of this song caught the attraction of the general audience. Almost all of the themes of Michael Jackson are most popular even today. It was sung targeting World Earth’s Day. 

With the ongoing forest fires and deforestation, serious actions are to be implemented soon, ensuring environmental protection for a prolonged period. 

Jackson, in this song, has caught the attention of people from all around the world. It motivated the young generations to address the dire environmental issues we have been suffering.

The official video of this song makes us cry for a while. The poaching of the wildlife for ivory, falling down the trees haphazardly in this video has made us think about the environment. 

This song even provides a crucial message of the harm caused to the marginalized, indigenous, and deprived communities who rely on their livelihood in the forest.

2. Pollution by Bo Diddley

Pollution by Bo Diddley | Video Credit – Di

Bo Diddley had recorded one song with backing vocals from Kathy Alson and Leslie Zimei in 1971 that relates to the environment. 

He recorded the song at New York’s Soundview Environmental Studios. It covers a five-minute angry protest song.

This song concerns throwing the garbage in the street. It’s very ironic to depict that despite the educated people, their habit of throwing the trash in the middle of the road continues through this song.

It’s harmful to nature those who throw garbage in the street; instead, it affects human lives and all the living creatures of the natural surroundings. 

It’s not ethical to pile up the wastes in the street. Such activities could undoubtedly negatively affect human lives, including other living creatures.

You must hear this song that prioritizes the human habit of throwing waste in the road and urges people to be more alert in such substantial environmental issues.

3. The 1975 – The 1975

The 1975 – The 1975 | Video Credit – The 1975

This song is specially tracked out. It was produced in collaboration with Greta Thunberg, the world’s leading environment and climate youth activist from Sweden. 

It covers the five-minute piece work in which the activist has pointed to several climatic facts and discussed the rise in the global temperature over the following decades.

Through this song, the activist wills to convey positive information about the climatic effects that we have been going through and urges all the people to be serious in this specific matter. 

This song also encourages people to cure their environment and reduce anthropogenic-induced activities that harm the climate. 

Music is created to attract millions of fans and followers, undoubtedly conveying a positive environmental conservation and protection message.

This song is considered vital in climate change; instead, it covers the voice of the young climatic activist Greta Thunberg and motivates people to join her in this climatic movement both in the present and coming days. 

Undoubtedly, it ensures the safety of our climate and the overall environment if we devote ourselves to nature from the inner heart.

4. Mercy mercy me by Marvin Gaye

Mercy mercy me by Marvin Gaye | Video Credit – Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye recorded the song Mercy Mercy-me back in 1971. This song prioritizes and keeps attention concerning the crucial damages as a cause of anthropogenic-induced activities to our lovely mother planet.

The polluted air almost all around the globe, oil spills, and radiation have negatively influenced at a larger scale. 

We have been facing unpredicted air pollution and breathing the polluted air in recent years. 

The oil spills, which occur basically during transportation, have severely affected the oceans and the seas. 

It degrades the water quality, and massive investment is required to clean up the oil spills.

This song’s vital message is how long it will continue to deteriorate our environment. 

The narrator was worrisome to depict how long the earth will be standing for us since we have destroyed our environment very badly. 

Thus, it seems of utmost substantial to think about it and carry multiple steps that conserve our environment sustainably.

5. Earth Day Every Day by John Denver

Earth Day Every Day by John Denver | Video Credit – John Denver

John Denver has presented several iconic songs regarding the environment. That Earth Day Every Day in the year 1990 is one of them that concerns environmental issues. 

The album known as Earth Songs received the world’s first Ecology award at the University of Missouri-St. Louis by the International Center for Tropical Ecology.

It signifies the attention of the audiences and the listeners to the song who are passionate about their environment. 

It urged the people to celebrate Earth Day daily to protect the land and the sea for future generations. 

Since the singer was highly interested in the environment, he launched a tree-planting scheme in the United States.

As he revealed, every day should be celebrated as Earth Day so that people would be more conscious of saving their mother planet. 

It never becomes late to act on something and contribute to our nature. Once we celebrate each day as Earth Day, it would assure the safety of our mother planet, which looks pretty crucial.

6. Alabama- ‘Pass it on down.’

Alabama- ‘Pass it on down.’ | Video Credit – Alabama Band

The song was related to nature as being recorded in 1990. This song critically emphasizes priorities for our role in environmental conservation. 

The rate of deforestation, acid rain, ocean pollution, and ozone layer depletion have been occurring tremendously at an alarming rate.

For instance: we are familiar with the Taj Mahal case of India. Because of the heavy acid rain for a long time, it has almost deteriorated the luster of the monuments. 

The colors and the luster properties of the Taj Mahal have faded away. Thus, the song reflects the detrimental consequences of human activities.

The song’s narrator encourages humankind to follow ‘Think globally, Act locally’ without any delay to conserve our earth for a prolonged period.

7. The landscape is changing by Depeche Mode

The landscape is changing by Depeche Mode | Video Credit – Depeche Mode FILM’s

This song fundamentally focused on shifting the landscape as a cause of anthropogenic-induced activities. 

Ironically, this song reveals no humanity to protect our life and nature. Human-made actions seem to be the vital cause to shift the landscape rather than the natural phenomena entailing storms or earthquakes.

The song laments that environmental problems the living creature faces long back have been identified in time. Still, the activities that boost the landscape and nature conservation are delayed.

Compared to the past, the landscape has been altered when we seek it with a deep sense. 

The alteration in the landscape hampers numerous ecosystems such as aquatic, forest, grasslands, mountains, and much more. 

With the ongoing environmental issue rapidly, this song is regarded foremost to spread a positive message to conserve their original landscape for future use.

8. Counting crows ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’

Counting crows ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’ | Video Credit – Counting Crows

It is a song about nature that has been most listened to by audiences and environment lovers. 

The narrator of this song laments that we will not be conscious of our environment until and unless our earth goes forever. 

The world is only one for us, and if it disappears from the globe, we will be feeling guilty forever.

The credit for the originality of the song goes to Joni Mitchell. Through this song, they will convey the message that plotting the land at a massive amount could lead to the destruction of nature for a prolonged period. 

Additionally, the song team lamented that once the land beauty fades away, it will be limited to five-star hotels, boutiques, nightclubs, and more. 

Through his poem, he has urged the farmers not to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which ruins the agricultural yield besides deteriorating the original soil quality.

He believes that bad apples are far better to satisfy hunger than apples grown by chemical fertilizers. 

In such circumstances, you could quickly detect the positive message for land protection expressed through the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi.’

9. The 3 R’S by Jack Johnson

The 3 R’S by Jack Johnson | Video Credit – Spaces of Life

In 2006 a song was sung and released by Jack Johnson, which reveals that three is a magic number. 

The singer is very passionate about environment-related issues. Critically, it deals with the 3R’s concept of solid waste management, i.e., Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

These three elements are considered substantial when you think about environment conservation sustainably.

The lyrics of this song possess echo and backing from a 13 children’s melody voice as preferred by the youngsters. 

Solid waste management has been a challenging issue and a public concern in today’s world. 

This song provides a clear message to reuse the products rather than emerge them in the landfill site because dumping the enormous waste piles in the road is not the permanent solution to solid waste pollution.

In recent years, the concept of 3R has been regarded foremost in managing the environment and reducing the load of the landfill site for a prolonged period. 

This concept is very eco-friendly, cost-effective, long term durability of recycled products. 

The team has urged people to be conscious of their environment and its protection to have a healthy ecosystem through this song.

10. Earth by Lil Dicky

Earth by Lil Dicky | Video Credit – Lil Dicky

In the year, an American Rapper, Lil Dicky, released the song named ‘Earth.’ To the album, roughly 30 singers/artists worldwide have contributed to the vocals. 

The lyrics of this song are considered unique since it emphasizes saving our mother planet.

This song has reminded us that only one planet supports everything, and that planet is the earth. 

To care for nature, you should act from the local level and target it to the global level, thereby implementing the win-win approach of thinking for both the people and our mother planet.

Apart from these, the song prioritized the detrimental effects of climate change. It’s not a surprise that the climate change crisis has reached every sector worldwide. 

Once it is gone out of the limit, we cannot pay back to nature, and we will inevitably be suffering a lot from environmental degradation in every aspect. 

Through the song, they urge the people to care about our resources and reduce the effects of climate change, thereby lowering the emission of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere for the long term.


The songs, the narrator and the singer mentioned above have provided positive information to think twice before we act and harm our environment.

It is a responsibility of artists to prioritize environmental issues such as deforestation, wildlife extinction, forest fire, global warming, throwing garbage in the street, landscape shifting, and much more.

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Kalpana Ghimire holds a post-graduate degree in Environmental Science from Nepal. She possesses numerous research experiences working in water pollution, community forestry, environment conservation status, and wildlife ecology. She was an internee in the Department of Environment (EIA monitoring and auditing section) under the Government of Nepal. Kalpana Ghimire is an avid traveler, an enthusiastic wildlife researcher, and has a huge passion for working in the environment sector. She loves far traveling to the natural areas, conducting field wildlife research and reading the novels.