About Us

We focus on Earth, its water, air, energy, and various forms of life. We share sustainability-related articles, ideas, tips, products, and stories of Earth and Humans.

We are here to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle and empower readers to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Our Team

Our goal is to inspire millions of people to walk on the sustainable path and talk about climate crisis and action. 

Sadrish Dabadi – Senior Editor

Sadrish Dabadi is a Master’s degree graduate in Mountain Ecology and Glaciology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. With knowledge of physics and mathematics from his Bachelor’s degree, he aims to model future glacier behavior and predict the status of mountain communities. He has two scientific publications in two different international scientific journals. His expertise in climate change impacts on people makes him an ideal consultant for environmental problems.

Akriti Jha – Writer

Akriti Jha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environment Science from Tribhuvan University. Akriti is an Environment enthusiast with a passion for writing and reading. She feels responsible towards the environment and has been actively advocating for Zero Waste at Schools campaigns under Clean Up Nepal, a non-profit organization. As much as she loves to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, she equally enjoys encouraging people around her to be environmentally conscious of their activities.

Ankur Pradhan – Writer

Ankur Pradhan holds a bachelor’s degree in education and health and three years of content writing experience. Addicted to online creative writing, she puts some of what she feels inside her stormy heart on paper. She loves nature, so she is trying to motivate people to switch to alternative energy sources through her articles.

Thinley Doma Ghale – Writer

Thinley Doma Ghale holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Kathmandu University. She enjoys writing articles on climate change animals and loves to travel and experience new ideas, places, meeting people, and learning from them. As a social science student, research has always been her area of interest.

Shradha Bhatta – Writer

Shradha Bhatta holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Social Work along with a Post-graduate degree in Project Management from Georgian College in Canada. Shradha enjoys writing on a variety of topics and takes pleasure in discovering new ideas. She likes traveling and spending time with nature. She is a very people-person who loves talking about climate change and alerting people to go green!

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