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Earth and Human is a website operated by climate-conscious individuals of Nepal to inspire millions of people to walk on the sustainable path and talk about climate crisis and action. We share sustainability-related articles, ideas, tips, tricks, hacks, products, brands, and stories about Earth and Humans.

The team of enthusiastic climate academicians from the fields of mountain ecology, zoology, forest covers, biodiversity, environment education, hydrological regime, sustainable society, and renewable energy have been continuously providing eye-opener articles for global climate welfare.

Earth is home to humans we love

Our Mission

Our goal is to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle and empower readers to make environmentally conscious decisions.

From melting poles to weakening ocean currents, everyday planet signals a strong warning for the climate crisis. There is an urgency for sustainable, greener ways of life with admiration towards unique yet beautiful diverse natural components.

There is a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Earth and Human hope that the day will come when sustainability is no longer just a policy, green living is not just a thought, and global warming is just a history.

Today is the best day to start a step toward a better planet. We invite you to follow us on our website and social profiles to spread unheard, unvalued, and forgotten tales of every breathing creature and sustaining landscape.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan

Earth and Human Advocates

Our advocates and their blog would trigger an essence of the climate action needed for a better planet. A combination of sustainable actions and scientific voices makes our advocates a perfect team for better Earth promotion.

Sadrish Dabadi – Environment Specialist

Sadrish Dabadi is a Master’s degree graduate in Mountain Ecology and Glaciology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. His expertise in climate change impacts on people and ecology makes him an ideal consultant for environmental problems. Hills and forests, rivers and lakes, valleys and mountains, oceans and seas, you can name more; These will always be things that he will love more than any materialistic gifts!

Kamal Poudel (Fact Checker) – Wildlife Advocate (Zoologist)

Kamal Poudel

As a Zoology student, Kamal Paudel has a great passion for wildlife research and conservation and is very concerned about climate change and its impact on the overall environment. Traveling to new places, spending time in nature, meeting new people, and reading are some of his hobbies. He always has updates on recent climate events, technological innovations, summits, biodiversity status, and policy buzzes. A trustworthy source for environmental stories!

Kalpana Ghimire – Forest Advocate (Environmental Science and Forest expert)

Kalpana Ghimire

A post-graduate in Environmental Science, Kalpana Ghimire, possesses numerous research experiences working in water pollution, community forestry, environment conservation status, and wildlife ecology. Kalpana Ghimire is an avid traveler, an enthusiastic wildlife researcher, and has a huge passion for working in the environment sector. She loves far traveling to the natural areas, conducting field wildlife research, and reading novels.

Ranjana Regmi – Green Planet advocate (Greenery Coverage Index and Habitat Modeling)

Ranjana Regmi

Ranjana Regmi is a highly energetic and responsible graduate with a master’s degree in Environment Science. She has a sound academic and professional record of exploring the world of climate change and its dynamics related to vegetation and wildlife. She has developed analytical skills during a few years of work exposure and scientific coherence. She is undoubtedly a bright star for ecosystem preservation with an immense empathy towards biodiversity.

Shradha Bhatta – Sustainable Lifestyle Advocate (Social Science and Project Management)

Shraddha Bhatta

Shradha Bhatta holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Social Work along with a Post-graduate degree in Project Management from Georgian College in Canada. Shradha enjoys writing on a variety of topics and takes pleasure in discovering new ideas. She likes traveling and spending time with nature. She is a very people-person who loves talking about climate change and alerting people to go green!

Suraksha Pal – Energy advocate (Renewable Energy Engineer)

Suraksha Pal

Suraksha Pal is an Industrial Engineer currently pursuing master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. She has a keen interest in Renewable Energy and is passionate about sustainable development. She loves to express her views on these subjects through articles and blogs.

Rajesh Basnet – Environmental Health Advocate (Biochemistry and Medicine)

Rajesh Basnet

Rajesh Basnet received his B.Pharm, Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, and MSc. In Pharmacology, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai (2019). He is currently a Ph.D. scholar in Biochemistry and Molecular biology, at Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, UCAS, Guangzhou, China (2020). He was awarded a UCAS scholarship (2016) and ANSO fellowship (2020) for his study. He has published more than 15 scientific articles in national and international journals.

Aaditya Dawadi – Hydrological Regime Advocate (Hydrological Modeling and Mapping)

Aditya Dawadi

Aaditya Dawadi, an excellent environmental program manager, is a graduate of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, majoring in Physical Geography. After earning his Master’s degree, he entered the environment and wildlife protection field. In addition to his primary job function, he likes to engage in photography, reading books, and traveling.

Akriti Jha – Zero Waste Advocate (Environment Science and Waste Management)

Akriti Jha

Akriti Jha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environment Science from Tribhuvan University. Akriti is an Environment enthusiast with a passion for writing and reading. She feels responsible for the environment and has been actively advocating for Zero Waste at Schools campaigns under Clean Up Nepal, a non-profit organization. As much as she loves to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, she equally enjoys encouraging people around her to be environmentally conscious of their activities.

Ankur Pradhan – Environmental Education advocate (Education Graduate)

Ankur Pradhan

Ankur Pradhan holds a bachelor’s degree in education and health and three years of content writing experience. Addicted to online creative writing, she puts some of what she feels inside her stormy heart on paper. She loves nature, so she is trying to motivate people to switch to alternative energy sources through her articles.

Earth and Human Contributors

We are always thankful to our wonderful contributors for their love and support. Articles from humble and expert well-wishers have always motivated us towards our aim of a sustainable planet.

Rishu Shakya

Ankur Pradhan

Rishu Shakya, a bachelor’s degree graduate in Business Information Management, holds an extraordinary empathy towards mother nature and her ecosystem. She has always been captivated by green Earth and its charm. She regards spreading awareness about clean energy and sustainable development as her passion as well as responsibility. She believes her compassion about the Earth and human relationships will undoubtedly assist our planet to be a better place.

Pratikshya Basnet

Ankur Pradhan

As a student of Environmental Science, Pratikshya Basnet is a nature-loving person who is always keen to spend time with the environment. Her involvement in various waste management projects, especially on city rivers, highlights her concern for sustainable environmental goals. She idealizes the concept of a clean, green, and healthy environment. With her belief in ‘work for nature, nature for work,’ she wants to motivate people to admire the value of the environment and save them.

Thinley Ghale

Ankur Pradhan

Thinley Doma Ghale holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Kathmandu University. She enjoys writing articles on climate change animals and loves to travel and experience new ideas, places, meeting people, and learning from them. As a social science student, research has always been her area of interest.