Top 10 Companies in the USA Focused on Sustainability (2021)

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As per the latest trends in developed and developing nations, consumers emphasize extensively environmental effects and long-term sustainability in their expenditures.

Their willingness to stick with enterprises that depict a solid commitment to sustainability and protection of the earth comes when the choice might as well save the world from human destruction. 

And, considering the severity of the contemporary climate catastrophe, we must retain our high environmental standards and commend companies who prioritize and strive at the forefront of sustainability and environmental promotion.

According to a Nielsen survey, 81 percent of users believe it is “extremely” or “very important” for businesses to “implement programs to improve the environment,” and 30 percent are “willing to pay a premium for products that emphasize on social responsibility claims.”

According to one such poll, 90 percent of “Gen-Z” agree that businesses should take action to address social and environmental challenges.

Sustainable businesses not only provide items that are long-lasting and sustainably sourced, but they also use ecologically friendly manufacturing and development techniques.

They are also seeking to transform the face of corporate environmental participation and accountability completely.

For corporations that we consider environmentally conscious, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, from open and transparent raw resources procuring to eco-friendly production procedures, packaging and shipment, and channeling waste production at the end of their life cycle of the commodity.

Nevertheless, distinguishing between honest and eco-friendly businesses and merely jumping on the sustainability craze and progressively branding oneself as such can be challenging.

Glancing through a company’s website is one of the most straightforward techniques to assess environmental consciousness.

Here, you will find an elaborative list of the top ten most sustainable companies in the United States, along with their sustainability index.

Let us find out if you might have been a consumer of any of these green companies. If yes, pat yourself on the back!

1. McCormick & Company Incorporated

Sustainability score79.3%
Type of BusinessFood manufacturing 
FounderWilloughby M. McCormick

McCormick & Company Incorporated, a food company that manufactures, markets, and distributes seasonings and spices, is the number one spot of America’s most sustainable companies in 2021. McCormick has 13,000 staff and yearly revenues of more than $4 billion.

The company has engaged in subsistence manufacturing, which entails investing in agricultural communities while supporting women. Furthermore, the company imports commodities from over 80 nations worldwide.

2. American Water Works Company Inc.

Sustainability score77.1%
Type of Business Public utility company
FounderJames S. Kuhn

American Water Works Company Inc. is a public utility corporation in the United States of America and Canada.

It is one of the most mature companies on the list, established in 1886. The company administers both drinking and sewage water in operating countries. 

American Water Works Company Inc. generates above $3 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 7,000 individuals who serve over 14 million populations in 46 states. By 2025, the corporation intends to cut carbon emissions by approximately 40%.

3. Cisco Systems Inc.

Sustainability score75.8%
Type of BusinessHigh-technology services
FounderSandy Lerner, Leonard Bosack

Cisco Systems Inc. is known for both production and marketing of hardware equipment. It is one of the firms in America with the highest capital reserves.

The establishment, founded 36 years ago in 1984, had revenues of over $50 billion in 2019. Currently, it employs approximately 76,000 people worldwide. 

As per Fortune magazine, it is one of the most outstanding firms for employees. Cisco Systems Inc. receives 83 percent of its energy from renewable sources, as discussed in the first section of the column.

Furthermore, the corporation has made significant investments in being more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

4. Owens Corning

Sustainability score74.6%
Type of Business Roofing and fiberglass composites
FounderHarold Boeschenstein

Owens Corning is a company that makes fiberglass, roofing, and insulation products. Harold started the company in 1983 in Toledo, Ohio.

Today, the corporation has an international presence, employing a minimum of 19,000 people and generating revenues of more than $6 billion. 

Owens Corning’s 2030 sustainability goals encompass doubling positive product impact, halving negative product effect, expanding diversity and inclusivity, and creating a beneficial impact on societies.

5. Trane Technologies PLC

Sustainability score72% 
Type of BusinessIndustrial manufacturing company
FounderSimon Ingersoll

Trane Technologies PLC is an industrial manufacturing firm based in the United States and Ireland. The corporation, established in 1905, generates more than $13 billion in revenue and employs roughly 50,000 people worldwide. 

Trane Technologies PLC strives for carbon neutrality, zero waste contribution to landfills, and net positive water use.

6. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co

Sustainability score71.5%
Type of BusinessEnterprise information technology 
FounderBill Hewlett and‎ David Packard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co is an information technology firm separated from HP five years ago and now offers assistance in servers, networking, storage, consulting, and financial sectors. In 2020, the corporation generated $27 billion in revenue. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. has dedicated itself to developing a long-term strategy to meet technology demands and managing a renewable energy facility over the next few decades.

7. Autodesk, Inc. 

Sustainability score67.8%
Type of BusinessSoftware Company
FounderJohn Walker, Dan Drake

Autodesk, Inc. is based in California and is one of the largest software businesses in the United States of America.

AutoCAD, or computer-aided design software, is produced by the corporation, which was formed 39 years back in 1982 and is applied all over the globe, particularly in 3D applications.

Autodesk, Inc. is dedicated to increasing energy and material performance through financial and software donations.

8. Ball Corporation

Sustainability score67.5%
Type of BusinessProduct Manufacturing
FounderFrank C. and Edmund B. Ball

Ball Corporation is ranked eighth on our ranking of the most environmentally friendly firms in the United States. Ball Corporation, based in Colorado, has yearly revenue of more than $11 billion.

The company began as a lids and glass containers manufacturer before branching out into other areas, such as aerospace technology. 

Ball Corporation also became the world’s largest manufacturer of food and beverage containers made of recyclable metal.

Ball Corporation’s aluminum is environmentally friendly. Additionally, the corporation also gives monetary assistance to non-governmental groups and has its sustainability targets audited by third-party companies.

9. HP Inc.

Sustainability score67.2%
Type of BusinessInformation technology company
FounderDavid Packard, Bill Hewlett

HP Inc. is well known for its computers and printers, which are famous all over the world. It was the world’s leading PC manufacturer for six years, from 2007 to 2013. HP Inc., which has 53,000 staff and estimated revenues of a minimum of $56 billion in 2020, had an outstanding operating profit of $3.46 billion. 

HP Inc. has pledged to use its innovation, knowledge, and reputation to make a big difference worldwide, specifically in areas like healthcare, sanitation, and drinking water.

10. Comerica Incorporated

Sustainability score66.5%
Type of BusinessFinancial Services company
FounderElon Farnsworth

Comerica Incorporated is crucial in the financial services business, with branches in numerous locations, including California, Arizona, Michigan, and Florida.

Additionally, it is also the largest commercial bank in Texas and one of the largest banking firms in the United States.

Comerica Incorporated is the only financial company ranking of the most sustainable companies in the United States.

Comerica Incorporated reduced its emissions of greenhouse gases and garbage to landfill by 20% in just a single year, in 2020. 

Furthermore, compared to 2019, it reduced water consumption by 30% and paper consumption by a staggering 50%.

To wrap up

To summarize, sustainability is a big concern that affects more than just individual businesses. However, a couple of major corporations are implementing forward-thinking environmental practices, which is promising.

Sustainability is becoming evident as a new “buzzword” that is not going away anytime soon!

Companies must be dedicated to being environmental influencers and protectors for a variety of ethical and situational factors.

There is only a single life-sustaining planet is the first and most essential factor to consider. Every company influences the earth, and that effect impacts every living organism on the earth.

When you search for corporations concerned about their environmental impact and sustainability, you notice incredible activism and inventiveness.

For starters, they allow us to make most of our purchases environmentally beneficial and sustainable. 

Hence, before purchasing that beautiful bar of soap or a brand new electronic, how about we go deeper into the company’s values and ethics? We might as well perform a quick sustainability index check.