While climate change continuously destroys our precious earth, many people are oblivious. Providing sufficient information on such topics is imperative in today’s world. 

So many channels on youtube cover such issues to give awareness and join teams to help fight them. Moreover, the ten youtube channels whose efforts impact many lives are listed below:

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1. Trash is for tossers 

Trash is for tossers Youtube Channel
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The channel focuses on giving insight into environmental sustainability to its viewers. Managed by Lauren Singer, the contents in the channel project a zero-waste lifestyle and make their care products. 

Lauren Singer, an alumna of New York University, is an American environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger in the zero-waste movement. 

Raised in new york, she was raised by her Jewish parents. Before her youtube venture, she also worked as a sustainability analyst at the New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Singer thought she could do so much more than what she’s been doing in her full-time job, so she decided to quit it in 2014. 

Then, Lauren launched a company, “the simple co.” with an unwavering objective of bringing non-toxic and sustainable products to market. 

In 2017, Singer opened Package Free as a three-month pop-up shop in Williamsburg. Since opening, Package Free has kept hundreds of millions of pieces of trash from landfills.

She claims to have been living a zero-waste life since 2012. With 255k subscribers on board, the channel focuses on not wasting the wastage and using it for other purposes. 

The channel’s most-watched video is “Four Years of Trash: One Jar. What’s in Lauren Singer’s Mason Jar?” with a whooping more than one million views. 

Lauren Singer cited Rachel Carson and Bea Johnson as the authors and activists who sparked her interest in creating a youtube channel on environmental sustainability.

2. Vox 

Vox Youtube Channel
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Vox Media owns the “vox” website and “vox” youtube channel. Vox regularly posts videos on news and informational subjects and is praised for its concept of explanatory journalism. 

Vox is an American news opinion website and youtube channel founded by Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Melissa Bell in April 2014.

Vox is described as left-of-center and progressive. An article accompanies these videos on youtube on their website.

The themes covered in the videos are similar to those covered in the regular, written articles on the website.

With ten million subscribers and over 2.6 billion views as of December 2021, the channel offers various videos on various topics, including food waste, nuclear power, and waste. 

Ezra Klein, one of the founders, worked for the Washington post as the head of the wonk blog. 

When he pitched an idea to launch a new website from the newspaper editors, he was shunned; thus, he decided to leave the post and subsequently joined vox media. 

Initially, the channel was under scrutiny and received scathing remarks; now, it has become the best in its job.   

3  Rob greenfield

Rob Greenfield Youtube channel
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Born and raised in Ashland, Wisconsin, Greenfield was raised by his single mother. At the early age of 18, he was already an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. 

Greenfield has a bachelor’s degree of science from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. Green Field is an environmental activist and entrepreneur. 

He has “made it his life’s purpose to inspire a healthy Earth, often with attention-grabbing tactics.” 

Greenfield founded the greenfield group, an environmentally active marketing company and brand ambassador of one percent of the planet.

An activist and humanitarian, Rob Greenfield dedicates his life to leading everyone to a more sustainable world. He ventures on extreme projects to shed light on developing global warming issues and inspire positive change. 

He is titled “the Robinhood of modern times” and “the forest Gump of ecology” by France tv.

His youtube channel focuses on urban gardening, living off the grid, and sustainable living. The media have recognized his projects all over the world. 

Rob Greenfield created his channel to educate, inspire, and help others live in a sustainable world. Mahatma Gandhi’s wise words,” be the change you wish to see in the world,” inspired him to live the life he is living. 

He believes the smallest of actions matter to improve the environment around us. Rob donates 100 percent of his media income to grassroots nonprofits.  

4. Our changing climate 

Our changing climate Youtube Channel
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The channel is a bi-weekly video essay investigating humanity’s relationship to the natural world.

With over 400k subscribers and 24 million views in total as of December 2021, the channel’s primary focus is to create a community where the average person can come and feel like they can make a difference.

The track has an appealing aesthetic and consistent video essays with well-researched data. The explanations in the reports are plausible.

The channel also focuses on broader sustainability and specific brands despite the name. The channel also focuses on ways to live a low-impact life, money-saving tips, minimalism, and other topics surrounding sustainability. 

The channel is created with a vision to encourage diverse communities to observe and critique their everyday environment through pronounced climate change effects and to share those experiences through social media. 

It makes an effort to force out a conversation on climate change from global-scale environmental impacts. Everyone recognizes the importance of the personal and everyday ways everyone experiences these impacts.  

5. Sustainably vegan 

Sustainably vegan Youtube Channel
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Immy Lucas, born and raised in the United Kingdom, operates the channel and puts out videos every Thursday and Sunday. 

The videos emphasize zero-waste swaps to ethical fashion and minimalism to climate change and plant-based recipes. 

She explains that low-impact life, money-saving tips, minimalism, and sustainability are traits that every human should learn to live a quality life and protect the environment.

When asked about the reason behind starting a youtube channel, she responded that she believes in the importance of intersectionality and inclusivity.

This platform allows interaction with those of the same values and makes an enormous impact.

We, earthandhuman.org, too support the sustainable vegan concept. Check out our article on how being vegan supports environmental welfare.         

6. Zentouro 

Zentouro Youtube Channel
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The channel is one of the oldest focusing on solving the climate change problems in the world. 

Miriam runs the channel and has an incredible prowess to unravel complex sustainability concepts and conversationally caters to her audience with the viewer.

The channel is 16 years old, and every video focuses on climate change and activism. 

7. BBC Earth 

BBC earth Youtube Channel
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The channel stands ahead of any other environmental awareness channel with 10.5 million subscribers with a massive reach globally. 

The track is wholly owned and operated by BBC Studios. The documentary depicts every possible species globally and on television and posts on the channel. 

The channel consistently puts out videos and preaches humans to appreciate the environment around them. The channel promotes diversity in the ecosystem.

It helps to understand the relationship humans have with the environment around us. With over 3 billion views, the channel is at its peak to educate millions and promote sustainable living.

8. Nature connection

Nature Connection Youtube Channel
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Although with fewer subscribers, the channel puts out the most awesome content than big channels. Channel provides us with short educational videos about nature and its importance.

Still growing, the channel is one of the most informative channels. The channel has a set of core principles to educate and inspire people. 

They intend to promote a sustainable future where everyone’s mind is at peace. The channel wants to understand, analyze, and live a life in harmony with nature while clarifying myths of the environment. 

9. BBC earth kids 

Bbc Earth kids Youtube Channel
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Children are the pioneers of the nations. They are the ones who will be in charge of everything in the future. 

It is essential to sow good information in children’s minds while young. So intending to provide the information, facts, and fun, they incepted the BBC earth kids. 

The channel has more than thirty thousand subscribers. As of Dec 2, 2021, the content gained a total view of six million. 

They post videos consistently. They have unique video-creating tools to make the videos engaging for kids. Such compelling videos imprint the facts in children’s minds.

The videos are pretty effective in educating kids. Please don’t get fooled by its name; the contents in the video are also for adults. 

The channel teaches kids to love and protect the environment and the organisms in the wild. The channel is the best platform for the parents and child to jam while obtaining helpful information. 

10. National geography

National Geography Youtube Channel
Link for the channel 

The channel has more than nine million subscribers. As of Dec 2, this youtube channel has a total view of 2.5 million. 

Every single video on this channel promotes wildlife—the channel posts every day in a week. Areas include history and culture, nature, environment, exploration, science, fun facts, and travel and adventure. 

They inspire people to care for nature. They try to tell a story through individual or organizational efforts to make the earth a better place to live. 

Making people able to use nature sustainably is one of their mottoes. There are undoubtedly many other youtube channels working every hour to make an impact to benefit the environment one way or the other. 

The mentions are arbitrary picks out of so many channels. If you are starting to transition into a sustainable lifestyle and want to know more about it, the media above will provide you with all the information you need.

(Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by Sadrish Dabadi)

Saurav Khadka, with his A levels in computer science from Saipal Academy, owns a keen desire to know more about the environment. He wants to preach his knowledge to others by learning through his hobbies; reading, writing, traveling, and watching movies. He believes sharing his insight regarding a sustainable environment will undoubtedly generate positive perceptions in the people.