The Positives and Negatives of Ionized Water

Is ionized water the one-stop solution that we all need?

What are the real positives of ionized water? Ionized water is generally known as electrolyzed reduced water. Also, ionized water is very well known for its slow aging cancer-preventing properties.

So, what exactly is ionized water, and what are its positive and negative sides?

Let’s jump right into it.

Water Ionization – What Does it Really Mean?

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Water ionization is a process that uses electrodialysis to raise the pH level of drinking water. It works by using charged plates to separate the incoming water into its acidic and basic components. The basic or alkaline stream is then called ionized water. In electrodialysis, these charged plates are separated with an ion-permeable membrane.

Alkaline Water vs. Alkaline Ionized Water – What’s the Difference?

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In simple terms, alkaline water is created when the pH of water increases with the help of synthetic materials. These can include baking soda, calcium or magnesium drops, salt, and so on.

Alternatively, alkaline ionized water is produced via electrodialysis. This method allows you to generate ionized water without the addition of any external chemicals. The water is electrically induced, and the lack of additives makes this process more natural. This process also allows the water to have a higher concentration of hydrogen gas, which has many benefits.

What Are the Positives?

Antioxidant Potential

Some studies have found that alkaline water contains antioxidant potential. This could be beneficial in maintaining your gut health. It works by offering disinfecting properties and keeping you safe from various bacteria and viruses.

Boosts Athletic Performance

Any form of exercise is bound to tire you out. This happens because these strenuous activities can cause excessive loss of hydrogen ions. This gives way to more acidity and exhausts you quickly.

Switching to drinking ionized water can thus help prevent these effects. It can also amplify the body’s buffering capacity in terms of hydrogen ion production. Ionized water can help people retain more fluid, which can enhance their athletic performance.

Beauty Benefits

Since ionized water can improve hydration and thus provide you with beauty benefits. It aids in detoxification and can keep your skin looking radiant. Furthermore, it has some antibacterial potential, which makes it perfectly suitable for beauty treatments.

It is also great for your hair. Using ionized water to wash your hair can leave it softer and give it that natural shine. It has been found to make your hair noticeably healthier.

Health Benefits

Ionized water also benefits patients with diabetics and Alzheimers. Some of the research in this area shows that drinking ionized water lowers your glycation levels.

Now that we have our science hats on, what does lowering glycation levels mean? Glycation is a process by which sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins or lipid fats in our body. This process speeds up the formation of molecules known as advanced glycation end products. These are commonly linked with both diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Thus, by lowering the glycation levels, ionized water can help to prevent these diseases. However, the research so far has not been conducted on humans but has shown positive results in rats.

Good for Plants

Ionized acidic water is an excellent choice for your plants. It allows their roots to oxygenate more effectively. Similarly, it lowers the pH of the surrounding soil to give the plants a better growing environment.

What Are the Negatives?

With so many bold claims of life-changing benefits, it is easy to find yourself skeptical about the actual benefits of ionized water. Many ionizer companies like to use big terms like restructuring your water, which is not how ionizing works. These marketing campaigns by misinformed salespeople can make ionized water sound like a miracle solution.

Furthermore, too much alkalinity in the body is not beneficial either. It can cause skin irritation problems and also disbalance the body’s natural pH. This can lead to nausea, vomiting, tingling in the extremities, and so on. It can also affect bone health in the more susceptible population by decreasing the level of calcium in the body.

This pseudoscience approach can turn people away from ionized water. The misuse of terms like “reclustering” water molecules puts a lot of unreasonable expectations on the water that is, at best, a health supplement. There is still quite a bit of research to be done regarding ionized water.

Bottom Line

Currently, there are at least 40 studies that vouch for the positive effects of ionized water. Such as this study from 2012, which reports the potential benefits of alkaline water for reflux disease.

But some studies claim that there is no scientific basis for these claims. There is still a long way to go to confirm the accuracy of these studies.

Lack of comprehensive research, along with the ever-increasing claims from ionizer companies, leaves ionized water in a gray area. There is quite a lot of potential, and you could explore many positive sides. Just make sure you don’t find yourself being carried away by the staggering claims.