Islands are the ideal place to unwind after long and hectic workdays. Just picturing a lovely spot of sand where you may rest under rustling palms and gaze out at a calm blue sea may make you feel like taking a holiday. 

But not all islands are made the same. Some islands’ beauty is marked more by the water surrounding them, making allure connoisseurs with crystalline clarity and lively coral kingdoms.

Other islands have luscious jungles and milky peaks, while others attract visitors with their cultural treasures. 

These islands are far from the work bustle but close to creature comforts, whether you’re looking for magnificent beaches, stunning landscapes, or fascinating cultures.

If you’re among the people who adore traveling and want to see the world, here’s a list of the gorgeous islands you should put on your bucket list and visit as soon as possible.

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1. The Maldives

Maldives Private Island
Maldives Private Island | Image Credit – Kudadoo Maldives

Number one on our list Maldives has some of the most spectacular islands globally, but the sea truly makes these islands shine. 

These beautiful white coastlines, which barely peep above the Indian Ocean, are lapped by luminous turquoise waters with pristine clarity. 

The Maldives have deep-sea, shallow-coast, and reef ecosystems surrounding mangroves, wetlands, and dryland. 

Maldives Coral reefs are built up of 187 different species of coral. There are 1,100 species of fish, five species of sea turtles, 21 species of whales and dolphins, 400 kinds of mollusks, and 83 species of echinoderms in this area of the Indian Ocean alone.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Aerial View Of Island, French Polynesia
Aerial View Of Island, French Polynesia | Image Credit – Photos

Bora Bora is a gorgeous volcanic island shaped like an enormous hat that appears in innumerable South Pacific imaginations. 

This tropical paradise’s focal point and outstanding asset is the stunning lagoon in technicolor turquoise. 

Turtles, fishes, sharks, and rays swim in the clean waters, while tiny islets are known as Motus dot the lagoon. 

Bora Bora is a well-known international tourist destination recognized for its luxurious beach resorts.

Vaitape, the principal hamlet, is located on the western side of the main island, directly across from the lagoon’s central canal. 

The island’s produce is primarily confined to what can be collected from the sea and the many coconut trees, which were previously crucial for copra manufacturing.

3. Palawan, Philippines

 The number one destination in Philippines
The number one destination in Philippines | Image Credit – Philippine tourism USA

The Philippines’ response to heaven is Palawan. Beautiful limestone peaks rise from jewel-like and water so clear that you can see the fish above the surface. 

Slivers of white sand beaches surrounded by rustling palms can be found on several of these jungle-clad islands, together with coral reefs filled with an astonishing diversity of tropical fish, providing for some of the finest diving places in the world.

The islands’ biodiversity, alluring lakes, and mesma fishing villages are among the other attractions. 

Coron is home to opulent resorts, and El Nido, one of the chain’s most enticing islands, oozes natural beauty. You can island-hop your way through the magnificent Bacuit archipelago from here.

4. Seychelles

Seychelles | Image Credit – ALL

Seychelles are worth your visit because they are pristine and picture-perfect. Seychelles is an immense group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, near the Somali Sea’s eastern boundary. 

Seychelles is one of the world’s leading countries to protect threatened species’ habitats, designating 42 percent of its land to conservation. 

Seychelles also features some of the best fishing spots globally, making it a favorite fishing vacation destination.

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Image Credit –

Santorini is a Cycladic windswept volcanic island. Thousands of tourists flock to Oia for its magical sunsets, photogenic blue dome churches, and a plethora of colorful beaches.

Santorini is noted for its dramatic beauty, as a sea-filled caldera encompasses it. White-washed villas fall down volcanic cliffs. 

Bougainvillea sprays give a splash of color to the already vibrant spectrum, including blue-domed churches rising against the glittering sea.

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Perissa’s black sand beach, and, of course, the stunning sunsets are among Santorini’s significant highlights. 

The vision of sailing into this beautiful caldera, bordered by soaring sea cliffs, is memorable.

6. The Cook Islands

The cook islands
The cook islands | Image Credit – Escape

The Cook Islands are for you if you’ve ever fantasized about becoming a castaway in the South Pacific. 

The archipelago’s 15 islands, sandwiched between French Polynesia and Samoa but have close ties to New Zealand, are among the South Pacific’s underappreciated gems. 

Enticing blue lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, and volcanic summits are among the islands’ top attractions. The inhabitants are also among the friendliest in the South Pacific.

With its many resorts, verdant peaks, and endless beaches, Rarotonga is the top tourist destination. 

Aitutaki is one of the gorgeous South Pacific islands. Hibiscus-draped towns cling to the slopes.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Temples of Bali, Indonesia
Temples of Bali, Indonesia | Image Credit – Unsplash

Bali, also called the “Island of the heavenly being,” is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. 

Bali has something for everyone, combining tremendous history with a unique, spiritual culture. 

Best of all, the island is breathtakingly gorgeous, with lush green forests, mountains, and white sand beaches. 

For many people, Bali is a dream vacation destination. Surfing, swimming, and sunbathing are popular pastimes on the island’s beaches, and tourists will find lots of other activities on this unique isle, such as temple hopping and sightseeing in the lush countryside, shopping, and hiking. 

Bali is located inside the Coral Triangle, which contains the greatest diversity of marine species, including fish and turtles.

Take in the spiritual side of Bali in Ubud, see Seminyak and family-friendly Sanur, feel the pulsing pulse of touristy Kuta, or visit the nearby volcanic island of Lombok.

8. The Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Omis, Cetina River, Croatia
Omis, Cetina River, Croatia | Image Credit – Unsplash

The Dalmatian Islands, off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, are an alluring blend of peaceful charm and rich history. 

These gorgeous isles are filled with picturesque villages, boutique hotels, and restaurants flanked by sparkling waters and some of Croatia’s best beaches. 

Most visitors will most likely arrive on one of the five main islands: Hvar, Bra, Korula, Vis, or Mljet, each having its personality and attractions.

During peak season, ferries frequently run along the coast between Split and Dubrovnik, stopping at nearly every port. 

You can also take separate smaller boats between Split and the islands of Vis, Bra, and Hvar, or between Dubrovnik and the islands of Korula and Mljet.

9. Fiji

One of the most beautiful island | Image Credit – Sailing Zatara

Fiji is the source of a plethora of tropical fantasies in the South Pacific, with over 330 islands to choose from, ranging from luxurious celebrity hideaways to family-friendly resorts to the sublime Yasawa and Mamanuca group. 

Fiji is one of Australia’s famous tropical escapes, and it ticks all the boxes for a dream island. 

White sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and countless coral reefs may all be found here.

Diving, fishing, and surfing are popular sports in Fiji, but reclining under a palm tree and plunging into the silky smooth waves may be just as relaxing.

10. Kaua’i, USA

Kauai USA
Kauai USA | Image Credit – Unsplash

Kaua’i is called “the Garden Isle” for a good reason:

  • Rainforests cover much of the interior.
  • Waterfalls flow down lava cliffs.
  • The sweet aroma of tropical blossoms permeates the hot air.

However, the island’s attractiveness is not limited to its lush vegetation. It has a breathtaking shoreline that will steal your breath away.

Lava surged from the ocean floor to sculpt velvety hills and vertiginous cliffs surrounded by gorgeous beaches on this stunning island.

Under its cobalt-blue oceans, turtles and tropical fish swim around coral reefs, delighting divers and snorkelers from all over the world. 

Compared to its more well-known sister islands, Maui and Oahu, Kaua’i has a more laid-back attitude and moves at a slower pace.


These islands are ideal for kicking off your shoes and leaving work behind, and cocktails aren’t merely handed out at the drop of a hat. 

These island getaways aren’t just about lounging on the beach, though that is a large part of it. 

They can also be full of adventurous experiences, water sports, animal viewing, and ancient cultures dating back thousands of years.

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