Humans prepare many policies, decisions, and measures to save other species around us. But animals do not need that. Just provide them good care with proper attention; you might live longer.

Animals are our closest companions, and this is true since they are a great firm to work for, provide us with many pleasant feelings, and are loyal to their owners. 

Saving a life or numerous lives is second nature to these furry and loving warriors. It’s even possible to call it animal instinct. We have listed 20 moments of an animal saving a human.

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1. Pitbull protects a family from a fire.

Pitbull protects a baby from a fire | Video Credit – ABC13 Houston

Following a fire in this California family’s apartment, Sasha the pitbull informed them by barking incessantly until Nana Chai, the mother of the home, awoke. Not only that, but Sasha carried Nana Chai’s baby off the bed to save her. 

Baby, a 10-year-old pitbull, exemplified Sasha’s bravery by saving his family from a fire twice! 

Pitbulls have an awful reputation for being “aggressive,” according to popular belief, although they were once known as “nanny” dogs because of their kindness to children. Pitbulls like Sasha and Baby demonstrate how fearless and loyal they can be.

2. A Giant’s Protection

A whale saved my life | Video Credit – BBC Earth

A tiger shark approached Nan Hauser, a whale scientist, when she was on a study dive in the Pacific Ocean. 

One of the whales, known for protecting other aquatic creatures, shielded the scientist with its massive bulk and escorted her back to the surface, where her team was. 

She adds that the researcher is amazed by the creatures’ incredible intuition and generosity.

3. The Lion Queen

This incredible story happened to a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl. Four guys held her hostage for a week, abusing her and attempting to compel the kid to marry. 

When the cops eventually found them, the abusers had no choice but to flee with their prisoner. 

They were pursued by three lions, who attacked and forced them to flee. Because the youngster was wailing, the lions mistook her for a newborn lion and safeguarded her until the cops came. 

The lions never hurt the girl; she was safe and sound, and authorities apprehended the kidnappers.

4. Mila, the Rescuer

A sixth sense is claimed to exist in animals, which allows them to detect anything amiss. Yang Yun’s leg cramped up, and she couldn’t move during a diving competition with whales in a deep tank of freezing cold water. 

The girl began to die at a depth of 20 feet since she did not have any diving equipment for the competition. 

Mila the Beluga raced to Yang’s aid and propelled her to the surface. The kid diver would have drowned if it hadn’t been for the heroic whale.

5. Elephant to the Rescue

Elephant Come To Rescue People | Image Credit – elephantnews

This newborn elephant in Thailand mistook her owner’s cries for aid for a call for help while he was attempting to get the elephant’s attention. 

Little Kham La embraced Darrick Thomson with her trunk and pushed him to the shore without hesitation. 

The rescued man received more than simply protection; he also experienced a remarkable act of friendship.

6. Rabbit Sense

One day, Mr. Steggal was watching TV with his wife when he lost consciousness. Mrs. Steggal assumed he was merely sleeping, but their pet rabbit Dory sensed danger and sprang into his owner’s chest, tapping furiously until his wife noticed. 

Mr. Steggal was rescued from his coma when she immediately contacted an emergency doctor. It’s essential to pay attention anytime your pet acts strangely since they may be more aware of some things than you are.

7. Goat the Pet

Goat Becomes Hero After Saving Family From House Fire | Video Credit – NEWS usToday

What’s to say that goats can’t be kept as pets? Or are they heroes? Abigail received a life-saving birthday present in the form of a pet goat called Speedy. 

One night, they were resting quietly in the living room when Speedy scented fire and began leaping on his owner’s chest. 

When the girl awoke, she saw the house was in flames. She dashed to her parents, who realized the garage had caught fire. 

They were able to exit the building harmlessly. Unfortunately, the house was seriously destroyed, but firefighters rescued the entire family just in time due to Speedy. The goat has become a much-loved part of the family.

8. Bear vs. Lion

Man Attacked By Mountain Lion, Saved By Bear | Image Credit – KRCR7

An experienced mountain climber named Robert Biggs was hiking in the California woods when he came upon a mother grizzly and her youngster. 

Robert came to a halt to observe them but was suddenly attacked from behind by a mountain lion. 

The wild beast could not reach the man’s face due to his backpack. Even so, he was no match for the mountain lion, and only chance could save Mr. Biggs at that time. 

Which came as a surprise from the mother bear. She swooped down on the lion and pursued it into the woods. The hiker could walk away with only minor bruises and unforgettable experiences.

9. Pig the Fire Alarm

The Farlers’ cherished pet, Lucky the Pig, also serves as a morning alarm clock for the entire family. 

However, that day, it began rushing around the home considerably early and seemed quite nervous. 

Ina Farler and her grandchildren were unconcerned about the pig’s fortuitous ability to detect smoke. The entire family was saved from the house that had burnt down.

10. Tsunami Elephant

My Life Was Saved By An Elephant – Amber Owen | Video Credit – This Morning

Amber Owen was on holiday in Thailand during one of the deadliest natural catastrophes, the tsunami, in 2004. 

She was riding Ning Nong the Elephant one morning. Everything appeared to be expected, but the elephant began to move away from the sea at some point. 

A large wave was approaching, and the girl sensed it. She was startled and terrified, and Ning Nong hurried away from the dangerous water as fast as she could. 

He led her to a secure location where she could descend and rejoin her family. The elephant’s bravery inspired Michael Morpurgo, a well-known British playwright, to compose a play on the incident.

11. Rusty, the cat, saves a woman from a heart attack.

Cat Saves Owner’s Life | Video Credit – 6988kid

Claire Nelson went about her morning as usual, even though she wasn’t feeling well. That is, until Rusty, her new cat, began acting suspiciously. 

He kept jumping up on her and yowling while pawing at her chest and legs. Finally, she decided to ride the bus to the doctor’s office, but she suffered a heart attack at the bus stop. 

Rusty, she believes, was attempting to warn her that something was seriously wrong with her. 

She thinks that adopting Rusty was the best thing she ever did since “I thought I was saving his life.” It came out that he had saved my life.”

12. A homeless cat saves a baby.

Stray cat ‘saves’ Russian baby’s life | Video Credit – On Demand News

People sometimes do things so outlandish that you can barely call them human. However, the account told by this youngster is real. 

A newborn infant was left in a box in a freezing stairway in Russia. If a stray cat hadn’t rushed to the rescue, the toddler might have died from hypothermia. 

The neighbors heard the cat’s meowing, which sounded like a plea for aid. They were taken aback by the unfortunate infant wrapped in the cat’s hair when they saw it. Masha the Lifesaver is now regarded as a hero in the community.

13. Dolphin protects a man. 

Adam Walker, a British swimmer, was in the middle of an 8-hour marathon swim in the Pacific Ocean when he noticed a massive white shark not far away. 

If it hadn’t been for a pod of dolphins that sheltered him and followed him for the next hour, his sixth swim might have been his last. 

Adam struck it rich twice: his goal of swimming with dolphins came true, and these gorgeous and gentle creatures saved his life. 

Dolphins are known to rescue lives by rescuing individuals who are drowning or unconscious and pushing them towards the shore. They can sense danger and are bold enough to come to the rescue thanks to their intuition.

14. The Parrot’s Speech

Quaker Parrot Saves Baby’s Life | Video Credit – Jeremy Hirzel

Some parrots can imitate human speech. And it’s typically only for the owners’ and their guests’ enjoyment. 

But this time, the words came at the right moment and at the right place. Willie the Parrot was enjoying breakfast with his family when his owner’s daughter, Hanna, began choking on her meal. 

Willie was the only one who could aid the youngster because the mother had just left the room. 

Mrs. Howard raced to the kitchen as the parrot yelled, “Mama, baby!” loudly. The girl was already in a critical state when the first help arrived. 

Willie’s bravery was recognized by the Red Cross with the Animal Lifesaver Award, and he is now the family’s hero.

15. A member of a lion pride

Kevin Richardson comes from a large family. Aside from his wife and two children, he has a large sanctuary in South Africa with lions, hyenas, and leopards. 

These animals became the zoologist’s closest companions. They nickname him the Lion Whisperer because he isn’t scared to snuggle, play, and even kiss the giant cats. 

Visitors to the refuge and other zoologists who aren’t as bold are both impressed by this beautiful relationship.

On the other hand, Kevin feels that his pets instinctively know that he is not a threat to them and that they adore him in return. 

Whether wild or domestic, these creatures need to be revered and appreciated. The saved individuals will always be thankful to their rescuers, and we will always appreciate these creatures for what they have accomplished.

16. Lulu, the Vietnamese rescue pig

Lulu to the Rescue | Video Credit – Questar Entertainment

Joann Altman slumped to the ground one day like any other; a senseless agony struck her chest, she was the casualty of a cardiac arrest, and if she hadn’t had the help of her Vietnamese pig named Lulu, she would have died. 

When she saw her mistress twisted in anguish on the ground, she ran out of the house at full speed, blocking traffic by lying down on the road to notify someone who could assist her mistress. 

She walked back to her home with the sole aim of keeping an eye on Joann, refusing to take no for a response, and then ran back to the street to notify someone. 

Her efforts were not futile; someone eventually came to a halt and followed the Vietnamese pig, which brought him to her mistress, who was lying on the floor. 

Joann was fortunate to be in the company of Lulu since she would not have survived if she hadn’t asked for aid right away. 

As a result, Lulu, the Vietnamese pig, deserves a place on our list of animals that saved lives.

17. A sea lion saves a man after jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

A sea lion saves a man after jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge | Video Credit – Spencer Lodge

Kevin Hines was only 19 years old when he attempted suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco due to mental illness. 

Surprisingly, he survived the collision, but his injuries were severe, and he was desperately struggling to keep afloat in the frigid waters. 

He was startled after sensing a thing in the water was rubbing up against him and assisting him in swimming. 

He didn’t know what animal saved his life at the time but later discovered it was a sea lion thanks to images taken by spectators.

18. Toby the doctor Golden Retriever

Although Toby had never studied medicine, he was able to do the Heimlich technique. Toby did not hesitate when his mistress was choking to death due to a piece of apple trapped in her neck. 

He held her forcefully against her chest, which ultimately released the piece of apple murderer. 

According to legend, once his lucky mistress could breathe, our lovely Toby never quit licking her face. As you may know, Golden Retrievers are one of the world’s brightest and cutest dog breeds.

19. Dog vs. Snake

Doberman saved a toddler from a deadly snake
Doberman saved a toddler from a deadly snake | image credit – 

Khan, a Doberman, put his life on the line to protect his owner’s child from a snake attack. Khan, who had been rescued from an animal shelter only four days before the event, discovered a sizable deadly snake when they were both playing in the yard. 

The brave dog first attempted to push the infant away. Khan, however, flung Charlotte one meter away from the poisonous serpent when he noticed it wasn’t working. 

The girl was unharmed, but the Doberman had been bitten. Fortunately, Charlotte’s mother was at home and promptly dialed the veterinarian’s number.

The dog and the youngster are fine and content, and the Doberman is known as “Khan the Wonder Dog.”

20. Binti Jua, a gorilla, saves a young kid.

Gorilla Carries 3-Year-Old Boy to Safety in 1996 Incident | Video Credit – ABC News

A young kid and his family were visiting the Brookfield Zoo in 1996 when he fell into the gorilla area below

While bystanders stood there terrified, Binti Jua, a western lowland gorilla, approached the injured youngster, took him up in her arms, and cradled him until paramedics arrived.

Surprisingly, Binti Jua appeared to be motivated by a deep desire to care for this hurting child. 

While this story shows how compassionate and perceptive gorillas can be, it also highlights how unethical zoos can be.


Whether wild or domestic, these animals deserve to be revered and respected. The rescued people will be eternally thankful to their rescuers, and we will always admire these creatures for what they have accomplished

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