DIY Wind Turbine


One of the most effective ways to generate energy is wind turbines. They use the power of the wind to rotate a motor that produces electricity. As the world is facing a major environmental crisis, this kind of invention is more needed today than ever before.

Nonetheless, you cannot just install a wind turbine in front of your house. You will have a lot of things to consider, the main one being the expense. But we have come up with a brilliant way to help you save the environment and your money at the same time! In this article, we will let you know how you can build your own DIY Wind Turbine and use it in your day-to-day life.

What is a Wind Turbine?

A wind turbine is a device that captures the energy from the wind and converts it into electric energy.

The wide range of tiny and large wind turbines work for anything from charging small devices to powering an entire house. Wind turbines also serve as powerhouses for boats and traffic lights.

They are groundbreaking replacements for the high energy-consuming power sources. The wind, being a renewable energy resource, will never be used too much. Thus, it is a very sustainable idea. Today, the regular electric supplies are being replaced by these wind turbines to save fossil fuels.

How Does a Wind Turbine Work?

Wind energy is a form of solar energy formed because of either the sun unevenly heating the atmosphere, the irregularities of the Earth’s surface, or the rotation of the Earth.

A wind turbine utilizes the forces of aerodynamics through the blades that work like a helicopter’s rotor blades. This process turns the wind energy into electric energy.

On one side, the air pressure decreases when the wind blows through it. The rotor then sends energy to the generator either directly or through a series of gears if it includes a gearbox. The gear then speeds up the rotation of the blades and allows a smaller generator to produce energy. Through this process, the aerodynamic force transferred to a generator produces electricity.


The primary benefit of wind turbines is its sustainability. However, there is more to this innovative device than that. Here are a few advantages of wind turbines.

Low in Cost

Wind energy does not cost as much as our regular electricity. It is a renewable source of energy that will be available anywhere at all times. The energy we use today is non-renewable and thus is limited. Because of that, consuming it costs you more. However, using an unlimited energy source will keep it cheap and affordable.


A wind turbine only uses wind as its source of energy. It does not use any other natural resources. Therefore, it is highly environment-friendly, secure, and remains sustainable.


The wind turbine is a clean source of energy. It provides you with untouched, clean electricity that can work as efficiently as possible. They also do not make a lot of noise, which is highly convenient as well.

Power consuming areas

The DIY wind turbine is a powerful and portable source of energy. You can take it around to see which parts of your house use more electricity, and you can conserve power accordingly.

Components to Use

The above video shows the tutorial to make a vertical axis wind turbine. Here is a list of things you will need to build a wind turbine:

  • Tools
  • The body
  • The blades
  • A motor
  • The central hub
  • Tail
  • Tower
  • Diode and batteries
  • What the processes entail

Making Your Own Home Wind Generator

Gathering of the tools

Collect all the tools required to build the wind turbine. Refer to the list above for that. Wire strippers and soldering irons are necessary. Also, collect materials that are recyclable like 2-liter plastic soda bottles and their caps. Collect light and thin strips of metal with epoxy and glue.

Make sure you have traditional tools with you like a saw, wrenches, and an electric drill around. It would help if you had everything around for convenience. Also, make a concrete construction plan before you start building your wind turbine.

The Catchment Area

The catchment area is the part that collects the wind. You need the top parts of plastic bottles for making this part. After sawing them off from the neck of the soda bottles, use epoxy to join the bottle tops together. Then, fix them until you create four coupling components.

The Fan

To make this part, carve at least a foot long and an inch wide “x.” Then, use epoxy again to fix the “fan” to the couplets. Let the epoxy harden.

Connecting the Catchment and the Fan

Screw the bottle tops that you previously sawed-off into the couplets. It is not a difficult task as long as your couplets have the correct design.

The Generator

The generator is where you use the diodes, batteries, and the motor. Fix the generator and the fan together using epoxy. Fix any left out edges with glue.

The Stand

This part is based on the kind of motor you have used for your generator. Nonetheless, you can make a wind turbine stand with the help of a small rectangular piece of wood.

The Completion

After building the stand, make sure to attach the generator and the fan to the stand carefully. Keep the apparatus stable. It should possess the capability to take even strong winds. You can use weighing mechanisms to keep the generator fast.


You now have your very own wind turbine. You neither had to spend fortunes on purchasing it nor installing it. In a very less amount of money, you can build yourself a powerhouse that will help you save money even in the future. Start building it right away so that you can start saving both money and non-renewable energy.