Humanity is working hard to find new ways to strike the correct balance between nature’s needs and modern living. Most people are focusing on reducing their personal environmental effects.

It also entails the collective participation of ordinary people, such as you and me, to create a new culture of balancing between nature’s needs and modern living and have a beneficial impact at home and in our communities.

One of the most urgent concerns is allowing individuals to expend the energy required to incorporate these environmentally-friendly habits into their daily lives? The solution is straightforward.

Gamification is something we use. Individuals can feel enthusiastic and motivated to take meaningful action in their life by playing games.

Games are considered preferable to keep a wish list of things that “should be done” but are frequently forgotten or pushed aside in favor of old habits. Not only this, but it also benefits in bettering education, involving businesses, and fostering better health.

Living a green lifestyle is a tremendously rewarding experience, especially once you’ve perfected it by constantly taking tiny steps that have a significant impact.

Here are the ten best digital gamification related to environmental issues that help is the sustainable environment.

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1. Eco Action Trumps

eco trumps - digital games
Eco-trumps interface (source)

The Eco-Action Trumps app is a digital version of a card game in which the person who achieves the most incredible amount of environmental benefit, based on the category in play, wins the “hand.”

Eco-Action Trumps is a multiplayer game that includes up to four players. Different eco-actions are depicted on individual cards, and players must choose ten of them to participate in the game.

Their opponents select a card from the remaining deck. The program then generates a total score representing each set’s overall environmental impact.

This app is an excellent example of combining Core Drive, Social Influence & Relatedness with Core Drive, Unpredictability & Unpredictability.

DeveloperEco action games
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Launched date2014

2. Joule Bug

Joule Bug is a fantastic energy conservation app that uses simple game concepts like badges and a scoreboard to keep things interesting.

Hundreds of various types of achievements are available in the game. This app will assist you in conserving a significant amount of electricity.

Joule Bug demonstrates multiple ways to make tiny changes in your everyday routine that result in substantial energy savings. The software even links to your home utility account and displays your savings!

You can earn awards and badges for each conservation activity you take, and there’s even some healthy competition on the leaderboard.

Share your results and experiences on Facebook, and invite your friends to play as well. Players have the option to make an announcement.

Players can tell their friends about their eco-friendly efforts, Social Influence & Relatedness and earn points and badges for them. 

DeveloperJouleBug Enterprise
Download/Purchase Link
Launched date2009

3. Eco-Dice

Eco-Dice is another entertaining way to put good ideas into action. Players roll a dice on their touch screen, and when it lands, the facing side assigns a green job for the day.

Some of the alternatives are separating trash, bringing your grocery bag, sharing your shower (LOL), shutting off an appliance on standby, and riding your bike to work.

This reasonably simple app mainly relies on Core Drive, Unpredictability, and Curiosity to persuade users to adopt desired lifestyle changes.

DeveloperCreative Heroes
Download/Purchase Link
Launched date2010

4. Windfall

By constructing a wind farm in this game, you will learn about renewable wind energy. The game feels more topical now that renewable energy is rising though it launched in 2007.

Because putting up wind farms necessitates a wide range of talents, Windfall prepares you for that future. Use this virtual game to create one. When selecting a small, medium, or large windmill, you must consider several things.

DeveloperPersuasive Games
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Launched date2007

5. Recycle City

recycle city - digital games
Recycle city link homepage image (source)

Take e-waste, for example. Isn’t it amazing that recycling one million computers could save the equivalent amount of energy used by 3,657 American households in a year?

In a 2013 report, the EPA stated this. As a result, recycling must be viewed as a minor solution to a more significant problem.

The Recycle City game can help youngsters understand the need to repurpose rubbish at a young age. Play the game to see how simple decisions can help you save money, waste, and energy at home, at work, and in your area.

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6. Gro Memo

Eco-consciousness begins with realizing that many of our seemingly insignificant activities have far-reaching implications. Pollution, for example, has severe consequences for other people and entire ecosystems.

Grow Memo is a basic matching game for younger children that introduces this notion. Cartoon animals are depicted in filthy habitats, and players must match each image to one representing the animal in a cleaner environment.

As a result, the entire area becomes cleaner, reinforcing that a more hygienic environment is better for everyone.

DeveloperGro Play
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7. Green Me

This app is a superb spot to start for those wishing to develop new, more sustainable lifestyle habits. It gives users hundreds of suggestions for living a greener lifestyle, organized into categories (such as Green My Clothing).

Green Me interface is designed to look like a calendar, and each time the user logs a green activity, the date on their calendar darkens. Users may graphically follow their progress on the calendar in this way.

You may learn a lot about the environmental movement and search for many green definitions. You can even contribute your own environmentally friendly ideas.

DeveloperIncelligence Inc.
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8. Paper Karma

Large amounts of junk mail are prevalent, with just a tiny fraction of genuinely relevant items. Paper Karma will help you get rid of your junk mail.

Who doesn’t wish to eliminate the excessive amount of squandered paper that clogs up their mailbox regularly?

Take a snapshot of the offending piece of junk mail using your smartphone, hit a button, and you’ll be unsubscribed in no time. It’s almost miraculous.

DeveloperPaper karma
Download/Purchase Link
Launched date2010

9. Good Guide

It’s not just about breaking harmful behaviors to live a more sustainable life. It’s also about developing better habits, such as assisting other people and businesses who share your dedication to environmental stewardship.

Identifying organizations with good green practices is a breeze with the Good Guide app. Whether or not individuals realize it, the items they buy significantly impact the environment.

Every dollar you spend on a product represents a vote for the company that made it and the methods they used to make it. You want to be sure that your votes (dollars) are going to environmentally friendly and ethical companies.

The Good Guide app is a database of over 200,000 consumer goods that allows users to learn more about each environmental impact. If an item has a low rating, Good Guide suggests safer and ethical alternatives within the same price range.

Each commodity is awarded a score based on its health, safety, social, and environmental effect. Scan the barcode of the product you wish to buy with the barcode scanner to get instant ratings.

DeveloperUniversity of California-Berkeley 
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Launched date2007

10. Water1Der

The Groundwater Foundation created Water1Der, a trivia game app. Its goal is to educate children about water both above and below ground.

The app highlights that water is a valuable yet finite resource on this planet. It is impossible to make new water. Not only for humans but all species on Earth, conservation and measures to maintain our water supply clean are critical.

Developer National groundwater association 
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11. NOAA Games 

Climate resilience game from NOAA (source)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) aspires to improve environmental awareness, and one of the most fun ways to do it is through well-designed games.

Its website serves as a portal because most games are broadcast on PBS. However, each game addresses some of our planet’s most pressing issues while simultaneously demonstrating real-world solutions.

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Even though the Green lifestyle is a lowkey topic every day, but most people desire to live on a cleaner, greener planet in the end.

And trust us, no one will deny this. And while we all know we should be doing many things, the act of actually doing them may not be as appealing when it comes down to it.

Apps for the environment, such as those featured here, are a terrific way to turn good thoughts into good deeds. They can significantly alter our perceptions, experiences, and feelings about making eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Though games are ways of expressing your actions on environmental welfare, Some people might not be interested in them.

Another way of interpreting ecological issues is through photographs. Check out our article on award-winning photos in environmental problems for a perfect example of such amazing images.

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Rishu Shakya, a bachelor’s degree graduate in Business Information Management, holds an extraordinary empathy towards mother nature and her ecosystem. She has always been captivated by green Earth and its charm. She regards spreading awareness about clean energy and sustainable development as her passion as well as responsibility. She believes her compassion about the Earth and human relationships will undoubtedly assist our planet to be a better place.