America’s Best Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy has skyrocketed in popularity and is a feasible option in new home construction and renovation. With technological innovations, more businesses and government entities are looking towards solar energy to promote energy reserves on site and power self-contained systems.

With many companies battling to be on top of the list of America’s solar leading companies, it is hard to identify which companies are at the forefront. Here is a list of America’s best solar energy companies.

Types of Solar Companies

Most companies either manufacture, install, or finance your solar energy system instead of specializing in all three of these areas. If you’re looking to install this system for your home, you will mostly deal with installers and financing companies.

So, it is important to know how these different types of solar companies operate.

  • Solar Installers

Solar panel installers will help source your panels from a manufacturer directly or a solar panel wholesaler. The primary business of any solar panel installer is to get the panels working on your rooftop. It requires additional components that manufacturers have not specialized in, such as wiring and inverters.

  • Solar Panel Manufacturers

Solar panel manufacturers are the ones responsible for creating the solar cells and assembling the panels as one that goes on your roof. The manufacturers are responsible for research and development as well as warranties on their products.

  • Solar Financing Companies

These companies help you to finance a solar panel system for your home through solar leases,  power purchase agreements or loans.

America’s Best Solar Energy Companies

1. Verengo Solar

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It is focused more on the residential market. Since this company got in the business, it has reportedly installed over 12,000 solar units. Verengo Solar is very friendly for someone who is a beginner in solar lifestyle and scores well with commercial accounts and business too.

2. SolarCity

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SolarCity is unique as it has its own manufacturing division. Although they work with residences, they can also provide for non-profit purchases and government as well as leasing and PPA programs since they manufacture their own solar panels to fit the order. This company has one of the best installation and financing abilities that helps to make it an option if you are just choosing to go solar in your home or business.

3. Sungevity

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This company offers leasing and financing independent of each other. This model allowed Sungevity to expand and promote satellite distribution as well as installation companies under their brand logo to offer solar options in underserved areas. Their leasing has worked well with residences, PPA, and business entities. Some other services have helped them to make a strong and steady presence in the market including government and non-profit needs. 

4. Sunrun

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Currently, the Sunrun only serves 11 states. But within these states, they have successfully become one of the largest solar installers. They are not involved in manufacturing but are leasing and installation specialists. The contracts are evenly divided over commercial, residential, and government contracts. This company is the first choice for PPA customers and beginners exploring solar power.

5. SunPower

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SunPower is distinguished as a global leader in solar cell and module manufacturing. This company is a leading installer of solar equipment as well. It is a US-based company with a primary focus on developing the residential market.

Even with their focus on home solar use, they have a strong commercial arm that brings them up to the top 3 of the installers and providers in 48 states for government and business use. Their line of products covers everything from small DIY projects to new construction, home conversions, and corporate installations too.

6. RGS Energy

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Real Goods Solar is the fifth-largest US residential solar installation company. RGS Energy is known as a division of Real Goods Solar created with the aim of bringing their products to more businesses, residences, and other PPA customers.  

They offer both leasings as well as financing and have been providing their services for over 35 years. This company is considered to be one of the pioneers in turning solar energy into a viable alternative for homes and businesses.

7. OneRoof Energy

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This is one of the newer companies, founded in the year 2011. OneRoof Energy neither makes nor sells solar modules, panels or components. They work as a bespoke lease agent for other companies. This has allowed the company to establish a niche in leased services that lets residential customers and companies take the best advantage of industry discounts. With their negotiated access, they can even bring solar access to an under-served area.

The manufacturer rankings are typically based on the volume of solar panels a company can ship. To be in a top position, they do not need to offer the highest quality panel. Some smaller manufacturers specialize in premium products, whereas the larger manufacturers are making panels for a high volume market or focusing on large-scale projects.

The important aspect is the ability to differentiate between a smaller and larger manufacturer and find a panel that suits your needs and budget perfectly.