A home could be a lonely place without a blooming plant. They will provide you with fresh air and relieve you from your anxiety. 

Do you want to decorate your life and your indoor space? Here we present the list of the best indoor blooming, beautiful, stylish, vibrant plants. 

We hope they will help you create an elegant look for your internal decor. Let’s jump into the list of the most beautiful blooms of all time.

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1. African Violet

African Violet
African Violets | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameSaintpaulia ionantha
Suitable LocalityTropical eastern Africa

African violets are popular indoor plants. The stunning cluster of white, purple, and blue flowers over fuzzy foliages make the indoors bright and cheerful. 

These indoor plants thrive in warm and humid conditions. They prefer bright light but cannot withstand direct sunlight.

These plants remain healthy if placed in a well-drained pot. Waterlogging can cause root rot. You can water the plant with warm water.

Plant parents must be careful that excess water doesn’t fall on the leaves. Overwatering may damage the fuzzy leaves of the beautiful plant. 

This plant is easy to propagate through cuttings and offsets. African violet is definitely a yes for your indoor decor. 

2. Amaryllis

Amaryllis | Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons
Scientific NameAmaryllis
Suitable LocalityHolland, South Africa or Israel

Amaryllis exhibits great beauty. It is a vibrant addition to any indoor space. 

The name Amaryllis in Greek means “to sparkle.” The beauty of this plant does justice to its name. The flowers are believed to symbolize determination, strength, and pride. 

The sparkling red petals brighten up the environment. They prefer a place which receives bright indirect sunlight. 

You should water the plant regularly every week. It performs well in a well-drained pot that is watered on schedule. 

You should be careful that the soil in the pot remains wet as the plant requires constant moisture. 

3. Anthurium

Anthurium | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameAnthurium andraeanum
Suitable LocalityAmerica, Northern Mexico, and Northern Argentina, and parts of the Caribbean

Anthurium is a gorgeous house plant. It is considered a popular hospitality gift due to its long-lasting nature and open heart-shaped flowers. 

NASA has listed this plant as an air purifier. It is also believed to bring luck.  

It prefers warm, bright spots rich in humidity. It thrives in indirect sunlight. Direct sun exposure can burn the leaves of Anthurium. 

It is easy to maintain if some of the key factors are known. It is a stylish, trendy plant that enhances the beauty of your interiors. 

4. Begonia

Wax Begonia
Wax Begonia | Image Credit – Flickr
Scientific NameBegonia x semperflorens-cultorum
ColorPink, rose, scarlet, deep red
Suitable LocalitySouth American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay

Begonia is an excellent houseplant. It is easy to grow as it requires minimum attention. 

The showy flowers of wax begonia are vivid and beautiful for displays. 

The combination of bright flowers with reddish-brown or dark green leaves adds a unique touch to the beauty of the indoors. 

Wax begonia is also known to show blooms of different colors. Begonia appears welcoming in any house. It may be a beautiful addition to the internal decor.

5. Clivia

Clivia | Image Credit – Pixabay

Clivia | Image Credit –

Scientific NameClivia
Suitable LocalitySouth Africa (Swaziland)

Clivia is a blooming indoor plant that shows beautiful blooms. The flowers of this plant are believed to symbolize good fortune and fortitude. They denote changing the aim of life from ego to divine. 

The striking flowers are so attractive that they make the house decor look stylish and vibrant. They make the focal point for attraction in any home. 

This plant does well with low maintenance. It has become a trendy choice for the internal decoration of any household. 

6. Crown of Thorns

Crowns of Thorns
Crowns of Thorns | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameEuphorbia milii
Suitable LocalityMadagascar

The Crown of thorns, also called Euphorbia milii, is a flowering plant that can bloom in all the seasons. 

Native to Madagascar, this plant has gained popularity in almost all internal decorations.

It thrives in most indoor conditions. 

The plant can tolerate direct sunlight and resist drought. It does not seek a lot of attention. 

But, when it comes to displays, the striking combination of its red flowers with the green leaves creates magic in the internal decors of any house. 

It is also known as the Christ plant or Christ thorn. The Crown of thorns is a gem of a plant. 

7. Cyclamen

Cyclamen | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameCyclamen persicum
ColorGreen on top and white beneath
Suitable LocalityEurope and Asia

Cyclamen is a beautiful houseplant that can brighten up the whole space. People consider this plant as the jewel of their collection. 

It is popularly known as the holy flower of love in Japan. This plant is usually seen in sacred places like churches, monasteries as it is believed to symbolize a devoted and empathetic heart. 

It makes a wonderful indoor decoration for the blooming flowers. It is easy to grow. You must be careful that this beauty is a little sensitive to over and under-watering. 

It thrives in partial shades but also can tolerate direct sunlight. This plant can be an amazing part of your indoors. 

8. Flowering Maple

Flowering Maple
Flowering Maple | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameAbutilon
ColorGreen on top and white beneath
Suitable LocalityThroughout the tropics and subtropics of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Flowering Maple is an excellent plant for indoors, patios, decks, and every other corner of your house. 

The bell-shaped multicolor flowers are the center of attraction. This plant thrives in warm climates and bright spaces. It needs little care and maintenance. 

The beauty of its flowers gives a vibrant look to the indoor spaces. This plant continues to win the hearts of gardeners and decorators. 

9. Geranium

Geranium Care Tips | Image Credit – Fun Gardening

Scientific NameGeranium
ColorPink, Red
Suitable LocalitySubtropical southern Africa

This bright and cheerful plant can enhance the beauty of your indoors with the colorful flowers it bears.

It is able to withstand the summer sun and drought conditions. The indoor space lightens up with the Geranium flowers blooming in it. 

The beauty of its flowers is unmatchable. It creates a fine texture and vibrant look to the interiors of your home. 

This plant never fails to showcase its beauty and is an excellent indoor plant. 

10. Gloxinia

Gloxinia | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameSinningia speciosa
ColorPurple, white
Suitable LocalitySouth and Central America

This incredible blooming beauty can embellish your interiors. The bright bell-shaped flowers can brighten up any shady space. 

It is a flowering option for homeowners that resembles the African violet in appearance. Large, velvety bell-shaped flowers in pink, white, purple, red, or blue are produced by the plants.

Plants should be kept in a well-lit area of the house. A temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for Gloxinias. It’s important to keep the potting soil evenly hydrated. Plants that are properly cared for can bloom over many weeks.

It is an easy plant to grow and maintain. It is a perfect plant for your indoors. 

11. Hibiscus

Hibiscus | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameHibiscus
ColorYellow, red, orange, pink
Suitable LocalitySubtropical and tropical regions throughout the world

Hibiscus makes a beautiful houseplant. With proper care and attention, this plant has the potential to make your indoors look ravishing. 

The bright and vibrant bell-shaped flowers add beauty to the interiors. But the flowers are short-lived. 

This plant should be kept in a well-mixed pot with good drainage for the best blooms. You should consider watering the plant regularly for the best performance. 

12. Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameHoya carnosa
ColorWhite and pink
Suitable LocalitySoutheast Asia

Hoya Carnosa is a classic beauty of flowering plants. It can be a great addition to your indoor spaces as it tends to bring a gorgeous blend of beauty and elegance. 

Along with the beauty, the fragrance of this plant is considered a nice feature. The blooms of this plant can perfume the house. 

This plant is easy to grow and propagate as well. It is gaining more popularity as a houseplant.

13. Hydrangeas

Hydrangea | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameHydrangea
ColorPink, blue, lavender to violet to purple, green and white. 
Suitable LocalityEastern Asia

Hydrangea has been grown as a houseplant for ages. The variety of colors of blooms it offers is intriguing. 

This plant is loved for its elegant beauty. The gorgeous flowers are attractive and pleasant for sight. 

Hydrangea is often symbolized for heartfelt emotions in Japan. The color of the flower denotes different emotions like an apology, understanding, gratitude, etc. This plant in any house creates a delightful view of the decoratives. 

14. Jasmine

 7 types of Jasmine plants | Video Credit – Useful Tips By Sapna
Scientific NameJasminum
Suitable LocalityAfrica, Eurasia, Australasia, and Oceania

Jasmine is a brilliant plant for making your indoor space filled with beauty and fragrance. 

The scented flowers create a unique environment in the house. This plant prefers bright places, porous and well-drained soil to thrive. 

You can water the plant once a week. It flourishes in maximum sunlight. These climbers add a beautiful look of white flowers and green leaves. 

This plant adds a beautiful texture to the internal decoration of any house. 

15. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe | Image Credit – Pixabay
Scientific NameKalanchoe
ColorRed, Pink
Suitable LocalityAfrica- Madagascar

Kalanchoe is a symbolic plant for eternal love and persistence. With very little maintenance, this plant shows bright, beautiful flowers. 

Plenty of sunlight and scheduled watering is enough for the plant to flourish. 

Native to Madagascar, this plant is gaining popularity as house plants in other parts of the world. 

The cluster of tiny bright flowers is eye-catching and is the focus of the attraction of the place. 

16. Orchid

Kawamoto Orchid Nursery | Video Credit – Reid Kawamoto
Scientific NameOrchid
ColorWhite, purple, blue, red, pink, yellow, orange, and green
Suitable LocalityThroughout the world

Orchids are the most beautiful flower for indoor decorations. The perfect bloom of this plant symbolizes precious moments. 

The wide variety of colors makes this more special. It is believed to bring love, charm, and thoughtfulness to life. 

The exotic beauty of Orchid brings beauty, charm, and refined texture to the indoor spaces. 

You must be careful that the plant is not overwatered. It may cause root rot. 

17. Oxalis

Oxalis | Image Credit – Etsy
Scientific NameOxalis triangularis
ColorWhite, Pink
Suitable LocalityMexico, Brazil, and South Africa.

Oxalis is a versatile plant that is equally popular for the beauty of flowers and foliages. 

The trifoliate leaves attract every eye, but the flowers are no less. The blossoms complement the foliage beautifully. 

This very low-maintenance plant enhances the beauty of indoors to the next level. 

They prefer well-drained organic soil and total exposure to sunlight. Watering the plant moderately is enough. 

18. Peace Lily

Peace Lily | Video Credit – Sonal Chhajed
Scientific NameSpathiphyllum wallisii
ColorWhite, Yellow
Suitable Localitythe tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela

The peace lily is one of the most beautiful plants indoors in houses and offices.  It is also known to be an air purifier.  

It is a lovely plant to lighten up a living space. It does well in moderate lights and prefers well-drained soil. 

The elegant white flowers complement the glossy green leaves creating glamorous beauty. 

Overwatering can be harmful to the plant. This plant can be a fantastic addition to your living area. 

19. Poinsettia

Poinsettia | Image credit – Pixabay.com
Scientific NameEuphorbia pulcherrima
Suitable LocalityMexico and Central America

Poinsettia is a popular plant best known for its colorful leaves. The contrasting color combination of green leaves and red/ yellow bracts makes this plant an excellent indoor choice. 

It requires indirect sunlight for more than six hours daily. It is attractive and stylish for the decors on Christmas and New Year. 

It is often taken as a symbol of success and cheering up. You can display this beautiful plant in your house for a vibrant look.

20. Primrose

Primrose | Image Credit – Primrose
Scientific NamePrimula vulgaris
ColorRed, Yellow, Purple, Blue
Suitable LocalityParts of southwest Asia, southern Europe, and northwest Africa

Primrose is an impressive houseplant that gives character to your indoors. The clusters of tiny flowers appear elegant. 

It does not require much attention. It helps to create a vibrant look for the interiors of any house. Primrose is a popular choice among indoor decoratives.


These are the top 20 indoor blooming plants to help you create a beautiful look for your indoor space. 

Was the list helpful for you to choose your favorite houseplants? Let us know.

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