When it comes to festivals, people become cheerful and forget about everything to celebrate their happiness. Festivals are considered a duration where people gather together and enjoy their moment of life.

During festivals, people don’t stress about their work and adore their company. It would be best if you celebrate the festivals with joy but must reduce pollution.

We can see many people deteriorating the environment in the name of celebrations. You can happily celebrate your festivals, but here are some ways to help you celebrate festivals without degrading the environment and creating less pollution. 

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1. Say no to alcohol and smoking

No smoking - avoid during festivals
Non-smoker rejecting cigarette (source)

People are fond of celebrating the festivals by drinking hard liquor and smoking cigarettes, tobacco, etc. Alcohol and smoking are harmful to the health of the one who is consuming, but it is also considered a threat and risk of life for other people and surrounding as well, as it creates lots of pollution like air and land pollution.  

Further, drinking alcohol and smoking during festivals may create a scene that may turn into fights. These quarrels would cause noise pollution.

So, we must be aware of the consequences and say a big ‘NO’ to smoking and alcohol, directly and indirectly affecting the environment and people.

Reducing the practice of alcohol and smoking must be reduced to keep our environment clean, green, and healthy during festival seasons.

2. Avoid using crackers

Fire Cracker - not to do during festivals
Liting a Firecracker (source)

There is a trend of using crackers in the festivals like Diwali, usually by the youths, which are not good. Though the children find pleasure while using the firecrackers, it is hazardous to risk their lives.

Not only that, but the practice of firecrackers also causes pollution like air, noise, and soil, which will degrade the environment.

The smell of crackers is harmful, and bursting it will cause the degradation of the quality of air producing different gases. If you want to enjoy the festival properly, you must avoid using crackers to better your surroundings. 

3. Don’t use chemical-based colors

Colors - avoid during festivals
Exhibiting colors (source)

Natural colors like turmeric, besan, and beetroot juice are far better than those chemical-based colors whose odors are harmful and dangerous.

On many occasions like Holi and Tihar, you feel very excited to play with colors that are bad for our environment as it causes different pollution to the air, land, noise, and many more. The colors make the surrounding area dirty and impure.

Instead of colors, you can also celebrate your festivals like Holi by playing with flowers. The flowers can decompose and act as fertilizers which would be eco-friendly activities to the environment.

Organic colors like turmeric and Chandan would help you clean the environment easily after playing as they are harmless and can easily be washed off.

4. Banning Loudspeakers

loud noise - avoid during festivals
Student Portraying impact of loud noise (source)

Recently, you must have noticed people enjoying a lot of loudspeaker parties. It seems fun to enjoy the festival with our beloved by dancing and singing in the celebration.

But when it comes to loudspeaker parties, it is not appreciated by everyone. It disturbs the peace and security of the society where you live. The celebration of different festivals with loudspeakers hinders the dignity and environment.

The practice of loudspeakers causes noise pollution, which is harmful to everyone. Due to this noise, people may be suffering from hearing impairment.

If you do not obey and use loudspeakers while enjoying your party, some people from your society may complain to the police. Thus, not using loudspeakers is crucial to minimize pollution and incidents.

5. Christmas Trees

Christmas tree - avoid during festivals
Artificial Christmas tree (source)

Each December, people worldwide celebrate Christmas by decorating the trees and placing the wrapped gifts under the trees. You can observe people using both artificial and natural trees for Christmas days.

It seems generous that people have beautiful times during the Christmas days but what about the pollution created by those funs? 

The artificial Christmas trees do not decompose as they are made of plastics, leading to landfills and causing land pollution.

These plastics are petroleum-based, which spreads harmful odor resulting from air pollution. Similarly, the natural trees are grown by farmers using chemical fertilizers and pesticides for the festivals.

These trees absorb greenhouse gas while grooming. Thus, it is better to avoid Christmas trees during the Christmas festival and use eco-friendly alternatives like throwing colored powders, carving pumpkins, burning joss sticks, etc.  

6. Say no to Gambling

Gambling - avoid during festivals
Means of Gambling (source)

Gambling is a game people play using dice and cards where stakes go up to lakhs and crores. This game causes many pollutions and negative impacts on our society.

Generally, people used to play this game for fun. But nowadays, gambling has become a passion for everyone on any occasion. They waste their whole day and night in gambling.

Most people start quarreling in this game because of the money they lost, which leads to sound pollution. After playing the game, people do not care about the cards.

They throw them wherever they want, degrading the environment. So we must not gamble to play cards and dice during the festival seasons.

7. Do not use plastic bags

plastic bags - avoid during festivals
A lot of shopping bags from the grocery, probably during festivals (source)

People usually go shopping during the festival season end up purchasing necessary things. They don’t consider clothing bags as alternatives.

The use of plastic bags has become common worldwide, which could be very harmful to the environment. Though it is for everyone to carry plastic bags wherever they go, they take a very long time to decompose.

The use of plastic bags causes land pollution. The plastic materials are made up of oil. Instead of plastic bags, we can use paper and clothing bags that are decomposable and recycled.

So while celebrating any festivals, we must be aware of the effects of plastic bags and focus on avoiding them to make our surroundings clean and reduce pollution.

8. Do not use festive lights to decorate your house

lights - avoid during festivals
Yellow string Light arrangements during festivals (source)

There is a competition among the people of society to decorate their homes during the festival season. They want to make their buildings look perfect and shining by decorating them with colorful lights.

These lights are relatively splendid. Some of the lanterns used usually rise to the sky and bounce back towards the earth, which adds amusement but is a matter of concern.

The fallen lanterns damage your eyes and environment, causing degradation of soil. Further the lights used to decorate your house consume more energy leading to air pollution.

Instead of different lights and lanterns, you can decorate your home and feel the festive vibes by using fresh flowers like rose, jasmine, lily, marigold, and so on. 

9. Avoid synthetic room Fresheners

incense stick - avoid during festivals
A common practice in India and Nepal is to lit incense sticks (source)

You must have observed people using different kinds of room fresheners in their house to keep the rooms tidy and spread the fragrance. Though the aroma is quite good, most of them are derived from petrochemicals which are harmful to your health.

These room fresheners degrade air quality as coal tar, considered greenhouse gases that are bad for our atmosphere.

You might wonder what to use instead of a synthetic room freshener for your special occasion. You can use alternatives like organic incense sticks, which have a natural fragrance. You can also use fresh flowers to make natural room fresheners.

You can get some 100% natural incense sticks on Amazon, Alibaba, and other online or offline shopping stores.

10. Avoid cutting the trees and woods

logging - avoid during festivals
Result of logging (source)

Deforestation itself harms nature. People start cutting down the trees and woods for firewood and many other purposes in the festival’s name, which is not a good practice. People find pleasure in cutting the woods and use them to fulfill their daily needs. 

Cutting the trees causes different natural calamities like floods, landslides, soil erosion, etc. People must prohibit the habit of deforesting during festivals and in their daily lives.

The trees used for firewoods produce different gases and smoke, leading to air pollution. Hence, you must not cut down trees and destroy the natural habitat of many organisms.


Festival is a symbol of happiness and beautiful memories with our beloved. It would be best if you enjoyed all the festivals in a calm way considering eco-friendly activities.

You must not disturb nature and create pollution while celebrating family functions and celebrations. If we follow the above things correctly, we can help protect the environment and save our natural resources.

Hence a pollution-free festival is today’s requirement; you must be serious about it and give your best effort.

(Last Updated on October 26, 2021 by Sadrish Dabadi)

As a student of Environmental Science, Pratikshya Basnet is a nature-loving person who is always keen to spend time with the environment. Her involvement in various waste management projects, especially on city rivers, highlights her concern for sustainable environmental goals. She idealizes the concept of a clean, green, and healthy environment. With her belief in ‘work for nature, nature for work,’ she wants to motivate people to admire the value of the environment and save them.