Review – Aquasana Simplysoft Whole House Salt-Free Softener and Filter

Water softeners are generally used in places where the water in supply is hard. The hardness of water is caused by the presence of salts and minerals like calcium and magnesium, among others. Not only is it harmful to the human body, but it also forms stains and scales in the bathrooms and appliances.

A water softener is used to soften hard water, and there are basically two types of water softeners. They are saltwater softeners and salt-free water softeners.

Saltwater softener is the best option for removing the hardness of the water, whereas a saltfree softener is an ideal choice for those who wish to get benefits of minerals like calcium and magnesium. It reduces the negative effects of these minerals to a great degree.

The Aquasana Simplysoft Whole House Salt-free softener is a saltfree water softener that reduces the negative effects of minerals found in hard water and also has the ability to filter impurities. It is a whole house water filter as well.  So you get a water filter as well as the water softener in the Aquasana Salt-free water softener.

There are some excellent features in this salt-free water softener. 

Let’s jump right into its features.  

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 x 46 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 78.1 pounds
  • Capacity: 600,000 Gallons
  • Flow rate: 7 GPM
  • Filter type: UV sterilight filtration

Feature Highlights

  • Remove 97% contaminants
  • High-performance filter system
  • Cost-efficient and durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install 
  • Dual-tank design

Detailed Description of the Features

Softening and filtering

The Aquasana salt-free water softener provides clean and natural tasting water. It can remove 97% of chlorine and reduces harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, rust, silt, sediment, water-soluble metals, industrial solvents, etc. 

The Scale Control Media softening technology is used by this softener to naturally condition your water without the use of sodium. This technology alters the structure of hard minerals and makes them inactive, preventing it from binding and forming scale build-up.

Advanced and unique filtration

The carbon and KDF filtration media combined with the Scale Control Media (SCM) make up the filtration system in the Aquasana salt-free water softener. These technologies are combined to maximize the removal of the contaminants.

Not just that, this system ensures that you get the beneficial minerals from the water. The filtration system works in three stages. Firstly, the pre-filter removes particles like dust, rust, or anything as small as 5 microns. After that, the filtration tank balances the level of pH and removes chlorine. Finally, the third stage removes leftover chemicals without removing beneficial minerals.

Excellent design and capacity

This system is designed for large families that are facing hard water problems. So, yes, it is a bit bulky in size but that’s considerable owing to its premium performance. The system features a unique dual-tank design that prevents clogging through increased water contact time.

The water tank of this system is corrosion-resistant. It is compact and lightweight too. The Aquasana Simplysoft Whole house salt-free softener has an astounding capacity of 1,000,000 L over the life of the product.

Easy installation and maintenance

You do not need to be an expert to install and use the Aquasana Simplysoft water softener. However, it becomes a lot easier if you have basic plumbing skills. The softener comes with a detailed manual for installation and you can install the system within a couple of hours.

The installation kit includes a 20-inch pre-filter and plastic fittings. This ensures you do not need any drainage lines or backflushing. With the Aquasana Simplysoft salt-free softener, the only thing you need to do for maintenance is to change the filters and polyphosphate. Other than that, it is a completely reliable system.

The installation kit comes with the following parts:

  • Filter housing wrench
  • Ball-type shut-off valve
  • Support bracket
  • 4 x ¾ inches x 3 nipples
  • 2 x unions
  • Hose adaptor

Steps for installation

  • Install the system in a place where it doesn’t receive direct sunlight.
  • Keep the system in an upright position at all times.
  • Remove caps from the inlet and outlet port of the main housing.
  • Flush the unit properly before use, connect the garden hose with the adapter.
  • Open the water supply and the tank for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Disconnect the garden hose.
  • Place the unit in the proper location.
  • Close the main supply valve.
  • Connect the unit to the main water line. Do not over-tighten the fittings.
  • Support the inlet piping assembly.
  • Open the main supply valve.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Open the closest faucet for 5 to 10 minutes to flush the entire system.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Complete hardness removal without the use of salt or chemicals Frequent maintenance
Freedom from stains or spots on appliances, silverware, and glass A bit expensive
Scale control media makes hard minerals inactive
Healthy and Nature-friendly



Water softeners basically remove the ions that cause the water to be hard. These ions in most of the cases are calcium and magnesium ions. Sometimes there might be the presence of iron ions too.

Softened water is considered safe to drink. There is no official verdict stating that drinking softened water is not good for health. In fact, softened water does not contain unhealthy amounts of sodium and is drinkable.

When you run out of salt in your water softener, you simply won’t have soft water. Thus, you should not forget to check salt levels in the brine tank time and again.

Our Verdict

The Aquasana Simplysoft Whole House Salt-Free Softener is an excellent solution that fulfills your water softening and purifying needs. Although it is a salt-free water softener, it still removes harmful particles with its advanced filtration system. With easy installation and maintenance, this salt-free water softener gives a top-notch performance. Even though it might be expensive, the price you pay is totally worth it.