American Wind Turbine Companies


Wind energy has been used in America in the form of windmills for grinding grain, pumping water, and cutting wood. The practice continued until small wind-electric turbines began to be used widely across the country since the late 1800s and early 1900s.

However, the use of wind turbines lessened in the 1930s when the transmission of electricity to the rural and remote areas became easy.

But in the 1970s, oil shortages hit the United States, along with the world. This crisis made the U.S. more concerned about the environment. Thus, several plans and implementations were put into action throughout the decade.

The wind power funding dropped during the 1980s. But after the late 80s, wind turbine production piloted suddenly. Today, many companies in the U.S. help in the manufacturing and distribution of wind turbines.

With regards to that, here are five popular American Wind Turbine Companies:

REpower USA Corp.

REpower Systems AG is one of the most popular turbine producers in the USA. It focusses not only on the market but on the needs and concerns of costumer as well. They develop, license, produce, and sell reliable turbines.

Furthermore, they provide intelligent professional services like comprehensive maintenance and service packages. It offers professional service for wind energy and is very ecologically compelling as well.

General Electric

Committed to building the world’s largest clean energy footprint, the General Electric Company (GE) operates through a lot of areas like aviation, healthcare, power, renewable energy, digital industry, additive manufacturing, and so on. Certainly, GE’s wind energy service is also as outstanding as its other services.

GE is incorporated in New York City with its headquarter in Boston. So far, GE has been able to produce 24 different wind turbines with different sizes and capacities. Their services also range from development assistance to operation and maintenance. They have 42,000 units of wind turbines functioning across the globe.

PacWind, Inc.

PacWind, Inc. is a California-based wind turbine manufacturing company founded in 1998. In 2008, 16 of PacWind’s turbines became the first eco-friendly billboard in Times Square. Therefore, you can tell that it is a trustworthy company.

The company had gained a lot of popularity when Jay Leno, a TV personality, announced he would install “Delta II,” a 10kW model turbine of PacWind on his garage roof.

RES Americas

RES Americas is one of the top renewable energy companies in the US. Since 1997, RES Americas has been working to develop, construct, and operate renewable energy projects. With RES Americas as the parent company, RES Group was founded in 1982.

They were able to construct the largest wind farm in the world in the ‘80s, in Texas. The headquarter of the RES Group was in the U.K. Today, the RES Group has about 94 wind projects and holds a capacity to produce more than 5,113 MW around the world.

Suzlon Energy Limited

As a major force in the global wind industry, Suzlon possesses 10.5% of the worldwide market and ranks 5th in the world. Suzlon has the vision to be a technology leader and among the top 3 wind energy companies in the world. It has been working in the sector of wind energy for over two decades.

Suzlon has developed global expertise all over the world. It doesn’t just focus on the promotion of its products and services but also remains costumer-centric and centered on generating higher ROI.

Suzlon has been able to install a capacity of 2.7GW across 18 states and two countries in North America. They have more than 80 wind projects throughout the continent.

Blattner Energy Inc.

Blattner Energy Inc. has been working as a diversified power generation contractor and delivers solutions for construction and transmission and wind energy projects. They provide services related to engineering, procurement, and construction to owners and developers all over the US.

They have been able to install a whopping 35,000 MW of wind energy across North America. Five of these are the single-largest projects of the United States.

Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric offers preconstruction and network services for construction, design-build, and turnkey projects. They also provide services that are offsite like utility work, electrical work, and operation systems. They construct wind energy plants.

By far, Rosendin has been able to install 12,000 MW of wind energy that is clean and efficient throughout the USA. They provide services related to troubleshooting, diagnostics, power quality assessment, equipment hook- up, premises wiring, and maintenance.


These American companies provide the best possible wind services. Many of them provide manufacturing as well as maintenance services that make using them highly convenient. Therefore, if you are planning on switching your power source to wind energy, you should consider trusting these companies. With their reputation, they surely won’t disappoint you.