Today many people decide to consume purified water in their homes. Because it brings significant benefits and peace of mind knowing that while you cook, the water you use from the tap is treated with a reverse osmosis system or another specialized one that provides the level of hardness of the water optimal to consume.

However, do you know what exactly purified water is?

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Purified Water

Purified water is the type of water in which impurities are reduced until imperceptible. 

Purified water is free from chlorine, lead, or aluminum pollutants. Weakly mineralized, this water facilitates the dissolution and transport of digested minerals and trace elements. It is the ideal alternative to tap water.

Drinking purified water is best for your health because it does not contain pollutants.

Purified water undergoes a very rigorous treatment and filtration process that removes any trace of contaminants present. 

The level at which water purity is verified and approved is much higher than that of spring water or distilled water.

In some cases, purified water may contain traces of contaminants. However, we can easily remove any chemicals or pathogens or any other form of contaminants present in the water entirely. 

Therefore, installing purification systems in homes, shops, offices, or other facilities is advisable.

The water that is obtained from this process is the cleanest. Therefore, when you drink water, it is recommended to purify it.

Properties of Purified Water

Does water lose any of its properties when it undergoes a purification process? The answer is simple: it doesn’t. What happens is that the liquid is purified to protect our bodies from diseases derived from the pollution of drinking water.

If we consume water without making it drinkable, we put our health at risk. It is a mass prevention measure applied by agencies and governments to preserve public health. 

Furthermore, some countries apply additional treatment during purification to remove iron and manganese from groundwater treated for human consumption. 

In short, the more filtered, the more purified. And the more purified, the better it is for our health. 

Purified water should have the following properties:

1. Diuretic Property

Distilled water is particularly suitable for all those who want to naturally remove waste and toxins present in their body, stimulating natural diuresis

By drinking between two and two and a half liters of water a day, you can remove waste and toxins from your body, expelling them through the diuretic function.

2. Digestive Property

Purified water can create a thin protective film on the gastric mucosa, favoring the defensive flow of foods ingested during meals and, at the same time, reducing the time required for digestion.

3. Good adjuvant to treat Urinary Tract Problems

If you have urinary tract infections, antibiotics are not the only solution to treat inflammation. 

Purified water works to reduce inflammation, which occurs when bacteria settle in the urethra, causing problems like cystitis and many other infections to take over.

Drinking large quantities of purified water, for at least 3 liters per day, helps cleanse the bladder and urethra of bacteria quickly.

4. Uric Acid Level Regulator

Uric acid is a toxin that is created by ingesting food. Fatty, fried, or foods with high sugar concentrations increase uric acid levels.

If uric acid is present in large quantities in the kidneys, excruciating kidney stones will form.

Drinking purified water in the right quantities will help you eliminate, through the urine, all harmful waste, not essential for the body.

5. Regularizes the intestine

Drinking purified water is a cure-all for those suffering from intestinal problems such as bloating, pain, and constipation.

Benefits of Purified Water

There are several benefits of drinking purified water, and you can see them throughout your body, significantly increasing your well-being and health.

The experts recommended that, on average, we should drink at least two liters of purified water every day to have a healthy body.

We must always consider that this recommendation may vary, depending on the weight and height of each person.

These are the benefits that you obtain from drinking purified water:

1. Control your blood pressure

Purified water, when consumed properly, can control blood pressure, as its presence determines blood density. 

And this can be an incredible and vital ally in controlling high blood pressure and against cardiovascular disease.

2. Improves the functioning of your intestines

Everything works well when you ingest the ideal amount of water for your body and your intestines. 

Drinking purified water helps a lot in digesting the fiber you consume. When water and fiber come together, your intestine works much better, mainly because of the lubrication of the intestinal walls, which favor motility.

3. Good for your beauty

You provide cell revitalization through the hydration process by consuming purified water, leaving your hair, nails, and skin more beautiful and healthy. It prevents the skin from becoming dull.

4. Disposition

Drink a good glass of water right away to improve your brain health. Some researchers report essential information when there is no ingestion of purified water. 

It can affect mood, productivity, creativity and cause headaches.

5. Transportation of Nutrients

Consuming purified water contributes to the distribution of essential substances to all body regions through the bloodstream and the absorption of different nutrients.

The blood becomes more fluid due to the water we drink, and, with it in these conditions, it is easier to transport what our body needs to the interior of our cells.

6. Boosts Immunity

Purified water benefits your Immunity and helps hydration and fluidity of all secretions produced in our lungs. 

Indirectly, the ingestion of purified water promotes the cleansing of viruses and bacteria lodged in our respiratory system.

7. Clean and healthy body

When fat is metabolized, waste is deposited in our bodies. And to expel these residues, there is no other alternative: drinking purified water is essential. Because in this way, our body eliminates toxins through urine.

8. More crystal clear water

Purified water is free of lime and chlorine and has a more transparent and limpid appearance. It will allow you to obtain great ice cubes.

By eliminating all the impurities, the purification process also makes it possible to obtain refreshing water, which we can consume directly. 

Purified water is therefore perfect for hydrating and refreshing yourself daily.

9. Vitalizing

Purified water is rid of all pollutants such as nitrates, pesticides, plastics, lead.

Thanks to its purity, purified water is ideally suited to the body and helps it to eliminate cellular waste. It is suitable for newborns and is recommended for preparing baby bottles.

Besides consumption, we can use purified water to wash the hair or the face, particularly for people sensitive to limestone or chlorine.

Simple Purifications Methods 

With the help of science and technology, it is possible to distribute water suitable for human consumption thanks to water treatment plants and products that help purify water in urban centers. 

However, filtering is a big necessity in some areas without drinking water. So, many people have turned to methods used since ancient times. Here are three of them:

1. Granular media

Sand is one of the main granular media for purifying water. Historical records indicate that the earliest devices were designed with slow sand filters.

In addition to sand, other filters to treat water on a medium and large scale are gravels, silica sands, ion exchange resins, calcite, or corosex

The function of these granular media is to break up solids suspended in the water, which then accumulate in the sandy material and are isolated as waste. The result is much cleaner water.

2. Activated carbon

In granular form, activated charcoal helps absorb organic compounds that produce the water’s odor, taste, or color.

Tiny solid waste sticks to the charcoal. We can use this method before or after filtering the water.

In general, this filtering is used to purify water from the subsoil. It also serves to refine treated water and works well to purify water in the final stage of drinking water treatment.

This procedure is also used to purify volumes of water used for swimming pools. Also, powdered activated carbon makes homemade filters to make filtered water from home.

3. Disinfection with chlorinated compounds

Chlorinated compounds are usually applied to guarantee the quality of the water. 

It is done to disinfect the water from bacteria, microorganisms, molds, and viruses. It is an essential process to obtain filtered water suitable for human consumption.

Although chlorination has contributed to reducing the risk of cholera, diphtheria, and thyroid fever, experts say that only the use of chlorinated compounds does not purify the water in its entirety. 

For better water purification, it is necessary to pass it through a granular medium, activated carbon, or both, if possible.


Purified water does not contain substances harmful to our health since it consists exclusively of water. However, our bodies, blood, and cells are made up of water loaded with minerals at a specific concentration. 

Water will enter our cells, and minerals will come out to balance the mineral concentration of water in our bodies. Therefore, drinking purified water will be ideal when mixed with a few minerals needed for our body. 

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