Farm animals are not just some animals to rear and eat; they could be your friends, a companion, and sometimes a lifesaver. But often, it is hard to decide which animal you should rear. We are here to explain which animals are best for finance and companionship in farms.

Farm animals are intended to raise consumption, generate income, and assist some farm operators. They are reared and cared for by the farm owners. 

A human takes care of the farm animals throughout their life, and ‌they get wool from sheep, milk from cattle, and eggs from the poultry.  

Some farm animals are raised as a cross between two different partners, while some are raised individually. 

Most farm animals are naturally intelligent and have huge companionship with humans since they reside close and reflect solid social bonding. 

There are several farm animals all across the globe, which are mentioned below in brief:

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1. Pig

Pigs | Image Credit – Agriland

Pigs are inferred as one of the most intelligent animals among the farm animals worldwide. Naturally, they are omnivorous. 

Pig is generally farmed for skins and food. The manure obtained from the pig feces is considered valuable for incrementing the agricultural yield. 

They possess excellent sense and are clean farm animals. Most farms prefer it to raise due to several unique traits it has and provides numerous merits.

They aim to boost their economic source by raising the pigs in the farm research records of income generation of roughly 300-400 $ per head in the United States. They are massively grown in the breeding stock and mat frame. 

Thus, it has huge demand from the customers. Concerning the meat, the unprocessed beef is sold for 2.50 to 3.50 $ per pound. 

They have excellent memories, and they don’t sweat since the water aids in keeping them very cool and hydrated. 

While raising the pigs on the farm, the profit relies on how the pigs have been raised and are sold. It depends on the housing entailing food resources that the owner provides to the pigs. 

2. Sheep

Sheep in a farm
Sheep in a farm | Image Credit – Smithsonian

Sheep are very calm. While in a herd, the sheep listen to their leaders and respect them. 

Most of the humankind prefers to keep them as farm animals since they are obedient. They are small ruminant animals that vary in their coloration.

The wool of sheep grows forever and possesses roughly 360-degree vision. They seem very intelligent in their social interactions.

It has been revealed that it produces wool over 5000 miles per year. The total wool fiber obtained from roughly 100 sheeps per year is enough to reach the moon and back when they are laid down completely.

Sheep are considered as the best farm animals basically in the higher altitudes. It possesses rectangular pupils, thereby aiding them to have better vision at night.

Sheep do not require expensive land management to live. As compared to other livestock, the sheep consume several plant species acting as a weed destroyer for a prolonged period. 

3. Cows

Cows with names give more milk
Cows with names give more milk | Image Credit – NBC news

It is depicted that the cows have a good memory. They can remember up to three years ago.  

Cows are raised on the farm for numerous purposes that entail milk and meat. Their wastes are heavily used for increasing soil fertility. 

Once the wastes are applied in agriculture, undoubtedly, it assists in the healthy plant’s growth since it contains significant nutrients required for the plants to grow.

They are social animals and have a panoramic vision. Their panoramic vision permits them to watch against their predators. Because of their fantastic smell sense, they could detect scents over six miles away. 

The dairy industry relies upon cow farming for milk. Since a large amount of milk is required for the dairy industry, cow farming has seemed very common over the years. 

There is an enormous demand for cow meat in the international market leading to cow meat trade worldwide. 

4. Goat

Poor man's cow is a goat
Poor man’s cow is a goat | Image Credit – Unsplash

The specific term for the goat is embedded as ‘the poor man’s cow .’ The relationship between the goat and human has been direct for at least 10,000 years

On the farm, goats are considered hugely for the breeding selection to achieve the highest production, primarily in the developed countries.

They are raised principally for meat, leather, and many more all across the globe. It is a highly adapted farm animal in the changing environment. It is inferred as one of the referred domesticated animals raised on the farm. 

It is costly for its management on the farm. The goats are disease-resistant. The goat meat trade and consumption in Nepal and Muslim countries is pretty high. Because of their brilliant trait, they are highly preferred for farming.

5. Chickens

Chickens in a farm
Chickens in a farm | Image Credit – Freedom Ranger

They are considered vital for meat and egg production and are used massively in farming. 

The farmers highly prefer it since it acts as an excellent fertilizer source. They have multiple uses on the farm in fertilizing and aerating the soil besides picking off the insects and working as a garden chore.

Compared to other chickens, the broiler breed is widespread in almost every nook and corner of the country. 

Most customers prefer chicken eggs enriched in omega-three fatty acids, vitamin A, D, and E. Most heart patients choose to have chicken meat because of lower saturated fat and cholesterol.

Because of their habit of roaming in the free-range, it seems convenient to farm. 

Among several breeds of chicken, the broiler is most common. The poultry farm requires controlled light conditions, temperature, and feeding materials.

6. Horses

Horses and their popular breeds
Horses and their popular breeds | Image Credit – Tail & Fur

Even today, horses are raised on a farm and are fundamentally used for commercial purposes. The main aim of increasing the number of horses on the farm is riding, racing, and the showcase. 

Apart from these, since they act as unique companions, raising them would be grateful to other herds such as goats, cattle, and sheep.

The horse’s droppings are excellent soil enrichment and the principal food for the chickens, thereby promoting the protein content in the chicken eggs. 

Despite their role in agriculture, they have been of extensive use in lifting the materials of the owners and many others. They are raised on the farm from transporting crops to other daily tasks.

7. Donkeys

Donkey are natural heat lovers | Image Credit – Phys Org

Donkey is inferred as one of the significant farm animals. Its farming practices have been dated a long back and are still being used today. 

Because of the several merits entailing equipment carrying for either the day trips or the overnight camping programs are utilized. 

Most farm owners wished to keep it in farming because of their excellent working abilities

Most of the time, the donkeys remain healthy and rarely get sick. Since it requires food in a low amount, the farm owners keep them as a pack farm animal. 

The guard donkeys are kept with the cattle since they protect the livestock against predators and pasture intruders. It is very convenient to raise them in the frame and cost-effective.

Image of farmed donkeys via

8. Ducks

Ducks crossing highway | Image Credit – Comox Valley Record

They are intelligent and socialized animals that are smaller with short necks. They have had a long-lasting relationship with humans since long back. The species is very significant from a cultural and economic point of view. 

Primarily, they are raised as farm animals for the meat, feathers, and eggs. The life span of the duck is up to 20 years, but it highly relies upon the species and human care.

The duck breeds such as Mallard, Muscovy, Moulard, and White Pekin are used for duck farming. 

They are also kept as farm animals to produce foie gras. Apart from this, the duck is farmed since it has been used in several cultural dishes. The duck’s egg varies from blue-green to white color.

9. Camel

Camels have anti bodies that block Covid 19
Camels have anti bodies that block Covid 19 | Image Credit – Canal

Camels are inferred as one of the best farm animals which carry hundreds of pounds on their backs over long distances. They are raised for milk, wool, fur, and meat. 

The camel manure is considered best for the fuel, and the camel breed is used for beauty contests. In terms of the sport, they are racing for it. 

The desert farm camels are primarily raised in the pasture, consuming grass and hays. Camel milk is considered nutritious, and it is lactose-free milk. The milk is highly profitable for Alzheimer’s, autism, and diabetes patients

The Camel dairy market reached 2.3 billion dollars in 2020 at the international market.

It is rarely sold and considered healthier than other beef regarding camel meat. The camel meat is enriched in iron and vitamins.  

From a nutrition point of view, the camel is considered a significant farm animal to the pastoral Somalis who live in a harsh environment. It has been employed as a laborer. 

10. Rabbit

Rabbit | Image Credit – Unsplash

Rabbit is a low maintenance and social-farming animal. The fertilizer, pelts, wool, and meat can be harvested massively from the rabbit breeding on the farm. They have a long life span. 

Angora wool harvested from rabbits is highly demanded in the global market. They are too raised for skin and laboratory purposes as well. 

Throughout the United States roughly 500,000 rabbits from nearly 4000 farms are sold according to the study conducted by the Census of Agriculture (NASS) in the year 2017.

The breed of rabbit farming includes species such as white Giant, Grey Giant, Flemish Giant, California, Dutch, Soviet Chinchilla, New Zealand, and New Zealand Red. 

They are raised by the two systems that entail the deep litter and cage systems. It requires minimal space to thrive on the farm. 

11. Honey bees

Honey Bees
Honey Bees | Image Credit – Bee Culture

Honey bees are the artificially bred insects on the farm for honey extraction. They are fundamentally raised on the farm since it acts as a pollinator and contributes to running the honey industry. Running the honey industry is impossible in the honey’s absence. 

Because the crop pollination by the honey bee increases agricultural production. Roughly over one-third of the food we rely upon and consume is because of the pollination by the honey news directly and indirectly. 

In bee farming, the honey bee moves the pollen from one place to another. The amount of honey and its production relies upon the flowers’ variety, blooming plants, and the seasons. 

The native honey bees are inferred as the keystone species since they act as predominant pollinators and contribute substantially to the ecosystem. 

12. Turkey

Turkey | Image Credit – Detroit Free Press

As compared to the chickens, turkey is considered significantly cleaner. It produces several types of meat. 

Thus, they are considered excellent social, intelligent, and farm animals. They usually prefer to live and feed in the flocks. In the United States, 245 millions of turkeys are slaughtered per year for the flesh. 

Specifically, the turkeys raised for the food in the farm are genetically selected, intended to produce the large breast meat. 

A fascinating trait of the farmed turkey is its sighting. They can seek movement almost a hundred yards away. 

Because of the social bonding, they reflect love and affection among their group members on the farm. They enjoy themselves with their human companions. 

The droppings of the turkey on the farm are not scattered anywhere like the chickens. They possess good personalities and are delicious. 

Regarding the turkey breeding on the farm, several species such as Royal palm, Blue State, Black Spanish, and Bourbon Red are used. 

13. Mule

Mule | Image Credit – Equine Now

Surprisingly, the mule is not considered for meat or eggs. Mule has also been a farm animal. It is a cross between the female horse and the male donkey. 

The farm owners’ primary purpose of keeping and raising the mule as a farm animal is to ride and drive. The mule activity likely entails that of the donkey. 

The breed of a mule is very hobby and charming. They are hugely aided in the daily farm chores. 

Still, there is the farming of the mules since some industries prefer to raise it on the farm where it seems complicated in uplifting the heavy machinery. 

It is more common in the United States and possesses a better temperament for guarding like the dogs and the Llamas. They protect other animals from unwanted predators. 

Because of less cost for feeding, it is preferred in farming. As compared to the horse, it bears a strong sense of self-preservation

14. Llamas

Llamas | Image Credit – News 18

Llamas are considered very social and farm animals with long snouts sticking out. It comprises thick fiber. It is an independent animal that is a domesticated breed of livestock. 

Llamas are generally reared on the farm for wool. Its fiber is considered unique and used for weaving and other fiber arts. 

They are used for the meat too in some indigenous communities. Most farm animals use it to carry heavy loads, basically during the long treks. Sometimes it reflects its aggressive nature in the frame. 

Because of such traits, they are often used for guarding the sheep population. Despite being one of the farm animals it has been used as a pet animal too by the pet owners in some countries. 

15. Geese

| Image Credit – Bird watch Ireland

Despite its similarity in physical appearance with that of the duck, they are larger than the ducks. Geese have been domesticated on the farm for over long decades. 

The principal diet of the geese in the farm entails insects, snails, and seeds. It is raised for eggs, meat, and feathers. 

The geese egg is highly demanded in the global market, which is large, weighing 120 to 170 grams. 

Geese farming is widespread in the United States. Because of excellent weeders, they are raised heavily on the farm. It reflects very aggressive behavior when it feels like their eggs are threatened. It could highly defend against predators.

The farmed geese have good companions with the humans. Compared to other farm animals, the farm owners feel it is convenient to keep it as a farm animal. 

During their stay on the farm, they require adequate clean floor space and large nesting boxes. 

The geese do not require large ponds. They can adjust to the freshwater to play and enjoy themselves. It possesses keen eyesight, and because of its ability to make a loud noise, they are too inferred to guard animals against unwanted predators. 

It primarily consumes grasses and lettuces. Besides these, its diet entails fresh vegetables and mealworms. 

Wrap Up

The farming of animals varies in accordance to the enclosure size, the budget and way the animals are treated in the farm. You could achieve a large merits upon animal farming. 

Let’s raise the animals kindly, promote animal farming, and make the globe independent since it has a substantial contribution in fulfilling the customer demands and increasing the global revenue. 

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Kalpana Ghimire holds a post-graduate degree in Environmental Science from Nepal. She possesses numerous research experiences working in water pollution, community forestry, environment conservation status, and wildlife ecology. She was an internee in the Department of Environment (EIA monitoring and auditing section) under the Government of Nepal. Kalpana Ghimire is an avid traveler, an enthusiastic wildlife researcher, and has a huge passion for working in the environment sector. She loves far traveling to the natural areas, conducting field wildlife research and reading the novels.