Halloween is perhaps one of the best times of the year, no doubt. From a child to an adult, it is everyone’s favorite. However, the quantity of mono-use rubbish accumulated in 24 hours is regrettably the darkest fact about trick-or-treat.

Just wander along the festive section of your preferred retailer, and you will discover how plastics and synthetic products appear to be the show’s topper throughout October.

But worry not, as we have got a bunch of recommendations and tips to help you organize a green Halloween starting right from eco décor to homemade palm oil-free snacks!

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1. Make pumpkin soup

Pumpkin - green Halloween
Halloween Pumpkin (source)

Bright and fat pumpkins are a must-have for the Halloween season. As long as you don’t get yourself a happy pumpkin, is it even Halloween?

Pumpkins, however, account for a considerable quantity of wastage each year. And in any case, thinking logically, we were not supposed to use pumpkins as lanterns.

As per the Hubbub in 2020, the People of Britain purchases 24 million pumpkins each year, right around the corner of Halloween. 

The disturbing part is that 12.8 million of them are tossed away since many of us are unaware that pumpkin’s innards are nutritious and healthy. More than half of them are sliced and dumped, and the same goes for pumpkin skin after Halloween! 

Consider purchasing (or picking!) domestically grown pumpkins to lessen the percentage and minimize your footprints.

These are available in community marketplaces, small food outlets, and retailers (make sure you check the label and look for the term “locally sourced”).

Prevent tossing the ‘Pumpkin Lantern’ into the ordinary trash after October is over. Be sure to throw it in an organic waste or compost bin.

Furthermore, instead of tossing away the seedlings and interior flesh of the pumpkin as you carve, utilize everything to make healthful dinners and treats.

Roast the seeds and make a delightful and wholesome snack for the whole clan. Not a fan of pumpkin seeds? Well, you can feed birds by placing them in yards or windows.

2. DIY your Halloween Costumes 

costume - green Halloween
A little girl dressed as a witch for Halloween (source)

Whether you or your children want to be a Batman or a beautiful mermaid from the storybooks, YouTube has you covered with all the DIY videos.

If you’re going to be a little kinder on both your wallet and the planet, how about we rent or purchase thrift attires this Halloween?

After all, a vast majority of people use their Halloween outfits a single time. And, no one wants to be Batman every other year!

Go ahead and assemble your outfits out of old garments or barter dresses with buddies. And, cheap second-hand apparel could be used as a base for the coming Halloween wardrobe. How about we drench ourselves in some creativity and free will?

Likewise, skip on hazardous Halloween attires composed of non-biodegradable petrochemical-based polymers and artificial fibers by opting for an eco-friendly Halloween costume consisting of organic textiles and elements.

Examine your clown makeup or Halloween cosmetics components for safe, skin-friendly substitutes. Because artificial blood often contains harmful colors on a hydrocarbon basis, solicit your children’s cooperation in making your red paint with natural red food coloring resemble blood.

3. Watch out for the treats!

Candies - green Halloween
Candies for Halloween (source)

The chocolate wrappers and goodie packets are perhaps the primary ecological problem concerning Halloween.

Most confectionery handed out is a single-serving chunk of toffee or a bar or snack. That is a lot of garbage that is not biodegradable and will end up in landfills or into the seas.

Look at the bigger picture and hand out candy without plastic packaging this Halloween to save the planet. Purchase candies wholesale, stuff them in recyclable candy sacks, and hand them out to the children.

Yet another major issue with candy bars is that many store-bought goodies include palm oil that has negative consequences for animals in the wild due to deforestation.

Rather than buying multiple single-use goodies that may or may not include palm oil, you may prepare your homemade Halloween delights.

Package the customized goodies in cellophane or other natural wrappers, which can take anywhere between 15 days to a month to disintegrate.

There are several entertaining methods to send out sustainable and environmentally sound Halloween surprises as a replacement for giving out packaged confectionery. Distribute popcorn or fruits to trick-or-treaters for a hundred percent waste-free approach.

For instance, place kernels in disposable paper bags that may be tied closed with string. In addition, given the cost of sweets, this is unquestionably a cost-effective solution.

If you have a popcorn machine to showcase outside your doorstep, handing out free popcorn instead of high-carb sugary treats for Halloween is a terrific ordeal. You will undoubtedly be one of the most popular and eco-friendly residences on the block.

4. Keep your cars in the garage

Another environmentally conscious approach to honor Halloween is to make your leisure travel just a little cleaner and greener this year.

To decrease the proportion of passengers commuting to your Halloween celebration, coordinate ride-sharing options! Better still, get rid of the automobiles altogether.

Bring your kids trick-or-treating in nearby communities. That is not just environmentally friendly than journeying to distant locations, but your kids will meet up and socialize with neighborhood children. 

The next exciting possibility is to give out exclusive rewards to those who arrive with evidence of an eco-sustainable mode of transportation, such as a bus ticket, metro pass, or a bike.

5. Decorate with free occurring natural decor ideas

decor - green Halloween
Black and White skeleton decor for Halloween (source)

Amongst the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is décor, and it is also one of the most unnecessary and pollution-causing chores!

Avoid the Spooktacular sections on the supermarket filled with luminous yard wreaths and plastic decorative elements. 

Just remember that numerous stuff lying around your home has everything you need to get on with the October décor happily. Go on YouTube and search “DIY Halloween Ornaments,” the innovative creations might surprise you.

And talking about natural decorations, autumn orange, yellow, red, and brown leaves provide a vibrant way to introduce the season to your home.

Assemble a wreath out of clusters of autumn-colored leaves from the maple tree or frame leaf buds and display them on the wall surface.

Use seasonal emblems like colorful foliage, pine cones, and miniature pumpkins to decorate the tables and dull corners of the room.

From a very ancient time, the scarecrow has become the epitome of recycling. In earlier days, people made the scarecrow from discarded attire, and the padding was made from discarded corn stalks and husks.

How about we honor our history a little bit? Get the entire family together to prepare a scarecrow. Do not forget to set a goal; you should repurpose everything! No quick errands to the nearby store.

6. Green Halloween Party

party - green Halloween
Children preparing for Halloween (source)

We promise that your paper invitations, no matter how cute they are, will wind up in the trash within the following week of Halloween. Hence, why waste your time, energy, and money in buying something as insignificant as a holiday greeting?

Instead, it is almost time we make the best use of the technology available today. You can find several online editing platforms to help you design or deliver a customized ecard for free.

If you are someone who hates washing a mountain of dishes, you may assume that plastic plates and cups are in your utmost favor. Considering the long-term impacts of plastics, is that so? 

If you must use single-use items, go for something green and degradable. For instance, switch plastic plates with coconut-shell plates.

They are not just kinder on the planet but look incredibly appealing. And if you cannot find one, you can also opt for BPA-free plastics or paper items that you can recycle.

Rather than purchasing pre-packaged platters and lunches, prepare your customized refreshment platters, pastries, and side dishes for the occasion.

Or, consider making it a potluck and invite every attendee to come with an item they have prepared. On the brighter side, you don’t have to do all the cooking!

7. Don’t just go green; go solar!

Solar Panel With Wall Socket

One might be surprised to learn that, as disparate as power and Halloween may look, these two themes have a lot of things in common. For instance, let’s talk about energy and wallet sucking features!

And it is not surprising for people to see power spike during October. After all, all those fairy lights and pumpkin lanterns that keep running all through the night don’t power themselves. 

This year, don’t stress about the electricity bill as you install your Halloween lights. Start replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs.

LED light bulbs consume at least 75% less electricity and go on 25 times longer than incandescent lamps. LED lamps for the holidays will last about 40 years.

Furthermore, energy-efficient lighting and lighting fixtures can be much more gentle on your wallet than regular fluorescent bulbs.

Want to illuminate the path to your haunted house without being the energy vampire like every other person on the streets? Well, if so, get yourself some solar lanterns and LEDs.

Today, plenty of online stores, as well as markets, are pushing solar-powered decorations for both Halloween and Christmas.

To Wrap Up

Natural décor, tasty and healthy Halloween treats, and sustainable outfit alternatives, among other things, guarantee that everyone has a joyful and environmentally beneficial celebration.

Reduced waste décor, tasty and healthy Halloween treats, and sustainable outfit alternatives, among other things, guarantee that everyone has a joyful and environmentally beneficial celebration.

You can find numerous ways to enjoy Halloween without consuming excessive trash and garbage. Whether making zero-waste bucket lanterns or having a character exchange with your friends, there is an eco-solution to all Halloween problems!

Eco-friendly consumers no longer have to let go of the Halloween excitement. Go ahead and give yourself a green Halloween!

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Shradha Bhatta holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Social Work along with a Post-graduate degree in Project Management from Georgian College in Canada. Shradha enjoys writing on a variety of topics and takes pleasure in discovering new ideas. She likes traveling and spending time with nature. She is a very people-person who loves talking about climate change and alerting people to go green!