5kW Wind Turbine

With the world moving to smarter and more sustainable ways of producing energy, people are looking for ways to use them in their daily lives. Be it for the sake of the environment or just to save some money, renewable energy is the answer to everything.

Different technologies can harness varying renewable energy. Wind turbines, as the name suggests, harness the power from the wind. Today, wind turbines are essential devices that provide varying output capacities.

Wind turbines are one of the best ways to adapt to these sustainable ways. Let’s take a look at 5kW Wind Turbines and a few 5kW products.

What is a 5kW Wind Turbine?

A 5kW Wind Turbine is a wind turbine with a capacity to generate 5kW of electricity. This 5kW turbine gives out approximately 8,900 kWh of system output every year.

Therefore, it is enough to power an entire house or an organization. It is also instrumental in agriculture. This kind of wind turbine is effective in pumping water for farming.

Wind turbines have been a useful source of power since humans started using wind for sailing. It is entirely renewable and great for the environment.

Similarly, 5kW wind turbines have been in use for a lot of things but specifically for grinding and pulling water for farms. However, they can be fit for residential purposes if you own a pretty large house and need to power it through wind energy entirely.

To get you an idea of it, here are a few popular 5kW wind turbines:

Aeolos Wind Turbine 5kW


Aeolos-H 5kW wind turbine features a Three-Phase Permanent Magnetic generator with a PLC control system. While it surely provides more annual power output relatively, it also offers higher protection with its yaw control and electronic brake.

Feature Highlights

  • 6kW Maximum Output Power
  • Higher than 0.96 Generator Efficiency
  • 20 Years Lifespan
  • 5-year standard warranty
  • Three Phase Permanent Magnetic Generator


The Aeolos-H 5kW Wind Turbine provides a maximum output of 6kW. Its temperature range is from -20 degrees Celcius to 50 degrees Celcius. This wind turbine can work at a wind speed as little as 3 m/s and will survive a wind speed of 45 m/s.

Its generator is a Three-Phase Permanent Magnetic Generator that has an efficiency of more than 0.96, which is exceptional. It provides an output voltage of 216V and runs tirelessly for a good 20 years.


The three-bladed Aeolos-H 5kW Wind Turbine provides maximum efficiency with fewer resources used. Its rotor blade has a diameter of about 6.4 meters and weighs about 836 pounds overall.

It features a Three-Phase Permanent Magnetic Generator that is exceptionally efficient. The yaw control and electronic brakes also protect it. Furthermore, it also features an optional hydraulic brake for areas that face strong winds.

Enair 70 PRO

Designed to meet the energy requirements of its costumers, the Enair 70 PRO is a high-efficiency wind turbine. It generates more than 80 kWh of power each day with low wind speeds.

Feature Highlights

  • Maximum Power Output of 5500W
  • Survival Wind Speed of 60 m/s
  • 97% Efficient Inverter
  • Only 1% Above Ambient Noise
  • Remote Control System


The Enair 70 PRO is not just a wind turbine that has a 97% efficient inverter but is highly efficient itself as well. It can run over 40m/s in a mere wind speed of 2m/s without losing any kind of productivity.

Its maximum power output is 5500W, which is enough to power a house, a farm, or a small office. It also features a smart storm-detection system, along with an entirely automatic safety lock.

This intelligent wind turbine also has a Battery Brake System that allows it to stop when the battery charge reaches the setpoint voltage. It even resumes charging when the load levels drop.

The best part about this wind turbine, however, is the fact that it only produces noise that is 1% louder than the natural noise. That means it is practically inaudible.


The Enair 70 PRO is a wind turbine that is treated with epoxy paint. Because of that, it becomes an anti-corrosion and anti-saline system, which would be ideal for islands.

Furthermore, this wind turbine has a new mechanical safety system that ensures braking under extreme conditions. It works at a wind speed greater than 70 m/s.

The Enair 70 PRO, unlike many other generators, features the Victron Venus that allows you to control the wind turbine with a remote controller.

Also, the wind turbine has a structural resin acrylic urethane cover with an anti-ice chemical composition. So, it also has the ability to resist temperatures up to -50 degrees Celcius which makes it perfect for deserts or coastal areas.

Atlantis Wind Turbines


With the slogan that claims that the Atlantis Wind Turbines are of “high quality at unbeatable prices and built to last,” these wind turbines will surely not disappoint you. They supply a maximum output of 7500W, which is enough for you to power your house or your farm.

Feature Highlights

  • 7500 Maximum Output Voltage
  • Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator
  • Consists of Yawning and Electromagnetic Braking Systems
  • Automatic Shutting Down Feature
  • More than 0.8 Efficiency


The Atlantis 5kW Wind Turbine is the perfect first step to adapt to an environment-friendly life. Its maximum output power is about 7500W, which is more than enough for housing and farming.

It has an efficiency greater than 0.8 and can survive a wind of 50 m/s in speed. However, it starts working at the wind speed of a mere 2.5 m/s.


With embedded yawning and electromagnetic braking systems, this wind turbine is a guaranteed safe device. It also features an optional hydraulic braking system. Along with that, it features a Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator that helps provide cleaner and more efficient power.

Furthermore, this 3-bladed wind turbine can be shut down both automatically and manually.

Fortis Montana Wind Turbine 5kW


The Fortis Montana Wind Generator is one of the most popular models of Fortis Wind Energy. It consists of enough ability to power cottages and private houses, promoting energy freedom.

The turbine supplies a maximum output of 5.6 kW and features a Permanent Magnetic Generator, which is three-phase synchronous. Also, it features a voltage controller with ballasting.

Feature Highlights

  • 5.6kW Maximum Output
  • Survival Wind Speed of 60 m/s
  • Temperature range of -40 to 50 degrees Celcius
  • 20-45 dB noise level
  • 20 years of working lifespan


The Fortis Montana Wind Turbine, as one of the most popular models of the company, is highly reliable and safe. Its maximum power output is up to 5.6 kW and has a rated voltage of 48/240. It starts working at a wind speed of 2.5 m/s and tolerates wind up to 60 m/s.

Also, the wind turbine comes with a 5-year warranty and lasts at least 20 years. Moreover, its noise level directly under the wind turbine is only 20-45 dB.


The Fortis Montana Wind Turbine features a three-phase synchronous PMG generator that allows it to supply clean and efficient energy. It also features a voltage controller with ballasting that will keep it safe for you.

It is a 3-bladed turbine that has a rotor diameter of 5 meters and a rotor area of 19.83 square meters. The rotor blades are made of rigid reinforced fiberglass.

Senwei 5kW Wind Turbine

With a rotor diameter of a good 5 meters, the Senwei Wind Turbine can produce the most with a wind speed of mere 3 m/s. Its rated maximum output is 9500W of power.

It features a three-phase permanent magnet generator that allows it to provide clean and efficient energy with barely any turbulences.

Feature Highlights

  • 9500W Maximum Power Supply
  • Minimum Wind Speed of 3 m/s
  • Survival Wind Speed of 50 m/s
  • Hydraulic Brake System
  • Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Generator


The Senwei Wind Turbine is a reliable and safe turbine that features a rotor with a diameter of 5 meters. Since it covers so much of the area, it can produce much energy even with meager wind speed. It only needs a wind speed of 3m/s to work.

Furthermore, it can survive a wind speed of almost 50m/s as well. Its rotor has a speed of 240r/m, which means it can also produce more energy in less time.

As said before, the wind turbine can produce 9500W of energy while functioning well between the temperatures of -40 to 90 degrees Celcius.


The rotor of this brilliant wind turbine consists of 3 blades that cover a diameter of 5 meters. It weighs about 665 kgs and consists of an efficient three-phase Permanent Magnet generator.

The Senwei Wind Turbine features a hand-drag braking system and also has an option of hydraulic braking. Its speed can be regulated through electric magnet or tail turning.

5kW Wind Turbine Applications

5kW Wind Turbines can power both on and off-grid applications. It provides you with efficient and clean energy that you require while making you environment-friendly. Considering these factors, here are a few places you can put a 5kW Wind Turbine into use.


With the highly efficient energy these wind turbines provide, you can power your homes. You can also divide the generated energy and use it for specific purposes, like heating systems, so that you don’t have to pay for anything insignificant.


Of course, these wind turbines can generate enough energy to run mills for producing grains. Moreover, you can also use it for highly energy-consuming machines used for farming as well as for irrigation purposes.

Water pumping

Similarly, a 5kW wind turbine will provide you with enough energy to extract water from underground. Thus, you will even reduce your water bills.

Powering Isolated Villages

A 5kW wind turbine can even power a small isolated village that doesn’t get power from electric grids and meet its consumption needs.

5kW Wind Turbine Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to wind turbines in general. But here are a few suitable benefits, especially for 5kW Wind Turbines:

Clean Energy

Wind Turbines do not mix with other types of energy and, thus, give clean and efficient energy. This clean energy will help your appliances run smoothly and keep them well protected. Moreover, they will also avoid any danger, like an overflow of current.

Lowered Expenses

After installing a wind turbine for your house or farm, you will barely use any electricity. Thus, you will see a significant plummet in your electricity bill.

Helpful for the Environment

While it lowers your expenses, it also helps you protect the environment. It uses little to no non-renewable resources and makes the best use of the wind, which is renewable.

Simplifies Farming

Wind turbines also help you in farming. It can help you in irrigation by drawing water from the primary sources and even in producing crops. Moreover, it can also help to power-heavy machines used in farming.

Helps In Sailing

One of the oldest uses of wind turbines is for navigation through the sea. It helps run the ship motor and also to determine the flow of wind.


The height and the overall size of any wind turbine depend upon its design and manufacturer. However, generally, these wind turbines fall between 7 and 20 meters of height.

Depending on the capacity of the generator or the inverter, a regular 5kW wind turbine can produce up to 6000W of power. However, some 5kW wind turbines can even produce 9500W of power. It depends upon the materials used and their quality.

Most 5kW wind turbines last a good 20 years. However, if you are exceptionally careful of its maintenance and functioning, it may even last up to 25 years.

A 5kW wind turbine is enough to power an entire house with regular appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, television, etc. It can even power machinery used in farming or can be used for pumping water.


Although the installation of wind turbines can get a little expensive, it is highly cost-effective in the long run. You will be able to save a lot from your electricity bills. With 5kW wind turbines, not paying even a single penny for electricity is highly possible. That means you also save a lot of energy. Therefore, if you want to save the environment while getting clean electric power, you should consider installing wind turbines.