10 kW Wind Turbine

Sustainable energy is the path that leads to a cleaner, better future. Renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy have huge potentials, albeit yet to reach. Energy production from solar and wind power is already implemented in large scales and small scales.

Wind power might have a larger scale, in terms of both size and expenses. While wind turbines that generate electricity from the wind are massive structures, these structures do come in different power output capacity ranges.

Among the different output capacity, the 5kW and 10kW wind turbines generate electricity that can power small areas like parks, homes, farms, and more.

Let’s see what the 10kW wind turbines are, and the products you can get your hands on.

What is a 10 kW Wind Turbine?

To put it in the simplest terms, a wind turbine that has the electricity production capacity of 10kW is a 10kW Wind Turbine. It produces a DC output of about 300V for off-grid applications and DC 440V for grid-tie applications.

Previously, 10kw wind turbines have been used in parks, supermarkets, farms, and even islands.

These turbines are capable of powering an entire village as well. Moreover, they can be used to power telecom stations. A 10kW wind turbine is an efficient way of saving energy while keeping you from paying a lot for electricity. Thus, everyone should consider getting a wind turbine to power their house or office.

To begin, let’s check out some of the best 10kW wind turbines

Atlantis Wind Turbines

As their slogan says, these turbines are of “high quality at unbeatable prices and built to last.” With the ability to produce an of the output power of about 15000W, this wind turbine will be perfect for powering your house or your farm.

Feature Highlights

  • 15000W Maximum Output Power
  • >0.85 Generator Efficiency
  • 50m/s Survival Wind Speed
  • 240 Vdc Battery Bank Voltage
  • Optional Hydraulic Braking


The 10kW Atlantis Wind Turbine is a fantastic way to go clean. It features a maximum output power of about 15000W and a 50 m/s survival wind speed. It has a generator efficiency of greater than 0.85. It also easily starts working at the minimum speed of the wind at 3 m/s.


This wind turbine is a high-quality wind turbine that has materials that last long and perform splendidly. Its lifespan is about 60000-100000 hours. It features a touch-screen to monitor voltage, rotation speed, temperature, power, frequency, wind speed, etc. Its core has an SCF supercritical performance that allows it to perform in the best way possible.

Zenia Energy 10kW

With a dramatic survival wind speed of 70.0 m/s, you know the Zenia Energy 10kW wind turbine is the one you can have faith in. Its rotor has the highest speed of 110.0U/min, and its generator supplies a maximum voltage of 400V.

Feature Highlights

  • Survival wind speed of 70.0 m/s
  • 400V Generator Voltage
  • 40 meter-square area consumption
  • Start wind speed of 3 m/s


As we mentioned before, this high-functioning wind turbine is durable and can take a wind speed of a whopping 70 m/s. Also, its rotor starts working as soon as the wind strikes its blades with a speed of just 3 m/s. Its generator can supply 400V of power, whereas its rated power is 10kW.


With an electronic yaw system and a hydraulic tilt function, you can operate this wind turbine pretty conveniently. It has a fail-safe brake system for safety embedded in a Galvanised tube tower.

What’s more intriguing about this wind turbine is that it has a GPS for transferring data. You can view your data on a PC or even a smartphone. Furthermore, you can assess your turbine online. Therefore, the installation and other service provided by the company is undoubtedly top-notch.

Fairwind vertical-axis wind turbine

The Fairwind vertical-axis turbine, as the most common wind turbine of the company, has the best features. It starts working at a wind speed of a mere 2.5 m/s. It also withstands wind of up to 55 m/s.

The best part about this wind turbine is that it features an automatic hurricane protection system and has a lifespan of 20 years.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatic Hurricane Protection
  • 20 years lifespan
  • 10kW maximum power
  • 2.5 m/s starting wind speed
  • 55 m/s survival wind speed


This wind turbine has a starting speed of 2.5 m/s and can operate well at a wind speed of anywhere between 2.5 to 30 m/s.
Its generator provides a power of 10kW and features an automatic hurricane protection system that ensures safety. Not just that, it also has a lifespan of 20 years, which makes it durable and trustworthy.


The Vertical-axis wind turbine is a three-bladed. Each blade measures a length of 6 meters, and the rotor has a diameter of 6 meters as well. Its rigid build can reliably withstand a wind speed of up to 55 m/s. Its total height is between 12-18 meters.

Bergey Excel Wind Turbine

Ideal for homes, farms, and small businesses, the Bergey Excel 10 wind turbine features extra-large rotor combined with low cut-in wind speed. Consequently, it provides excellent performance.

Feature Highlights

  • BW-7 Propriety Low Noise Airfoil
  • Powerflex Super High- Strength Blades
  • Neo-10 Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Alternator
  • AutoFurl Storm Protection
  • 12kW Powersync II Inverter


The Bergey Excel 10 wind turbine is designed for high “reliability and low maintenance.” Combined with its inverter with a power capacity of 12kW and its survival wind speed of 60 m/s, this wind turbine is the best you could ever find.

This wind turbine has a peak power of 12.6kW and supplies annual energy of 13,800 kWh. Moreover, it starts working at the wind speed of a mere 2.5 m/s and has a rotor speed of 0-400 rpm.


This exceptional 3-blade upwind wind turbine works on the horizontal axis. Its rotor diameter is 7 meters. With a weight of 1200 pounds, the wind turbine has a temperature range of -40/140 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a permanent magnet alternator and has a storm protection system for your safety.

Furthermore, it comes in a 48VDC battery-charging model and a 230VAC grid-inertia model. So you can buy anything convenient for you.

FutureEnergy Airforce-10

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The FutureEnergy Airforce-10 is the wind turbine you need if you want to worry less about controlling and maintaining your wind turbine. It has a SIL Level 3 independent safety control monitoring system. It has an entirely automatic system that will give you less worry about your wind turbine.

Feature Highlights

  • 12kW maximum output
  • Automatic control system
  • Hydraulic yaw and brakes
  • SIL Level 3 safety system


The FutureEnergy Airforce-10 is an on-shore wind turbine that supplies a maximum power of 12kW. It has automatic control systems and also multiple rotor speed limiting systems.

Furthermore, its electronics, control panel, inverter, and hydraulics are all in-ground level because of which it is very easy to operate. You can even control and monitor the data of this wind turbine remotely, which makes the wind turbine highly convenient.


With a rotor diameter of 8 meters and a 60 Pole purpose-designed permanent magnet generator, this wind turbine assures durability and reliability. It also has a fully automated control system and a hydraulically driven yaw and brakes. It has a SIL Level 3 safety system.

Similarly, its tower is a tubular galvanized steel tapered tower that is available in 12, 15, and 18 meters. You can raise and lower the tower with the help of the turbine’s hydraulic rams.

It has a concrete foundation and high-tension steel cage reinforcement that will keep you safe and the turbine durable for a long time.

10kW Wind Turbine Applications

10kW Wind Turbines, with more capacity than the regular 5kw ones, are used both for on and off-grid applications. With clean and efficient energy, it also helps you protect the environment. That being said, here is how you can put a 10kW Wind Turbine into daily use:

Powering Houses

Of course, a 10kw wind turbine will be used best for powering a house. It can produce a DC charge of 300V off-grid and a DC charge of 440V on grid-tie applications. Thus, you will have more than enough energy to power your entire house with barely any money spent.


Similarly, farming is another field where wind turbines can be utilized properly. In farming, wind turbines can aid in irrigating water and also help in powering indoor farming machinery.

Small-Area Power Supply

A 10kW wind turbine can also supply power to a small area of settlement like a small village or an island. It provides enough electricity generated from a renewable source because of which, the power expenses will be little to none.

Industry Power Supply

A 10kW wind turbine is also very beneficial in terms of supplying power to industries that do not use heavy machinery for production. These wind turbines help run industries in even the most remote places where electricity cannot reach.

Water Pumping

Lastly, water pumping can be made a lot easier with the help of a 10kW wind turbine. It helps you put less effort and extract water from a well or under the earth. So, your expenses on the water will reduce as well.

10kW Wind Turbine Benefits

10kW wind turbines are devices with more power capacity. It is capable of powering an entire house or a factory. Therefore, it is pretty beneficial. Here are a few specific benefits of a 10kW wind turbines:


The current supplied by a 10kW wind turbine is pure and clean. It is not touched by or mixed with any external elements. Thus, you get clean energy, and your devices will be well protected.

Less Expensive

Since barely any non-renewable electricity is used through the regular electricity supplier, they also reduce your electricity bills. Therefore, you do not have to worry about expenses as it would be your source of energy.


Undoubtedly, the 10kW Wind Turbines are highly environment-friendly. They only use wind as a source of electricity production, which is replenishable.

Useful in Farming

The 10kW Wind Turbine can be used extensively for farming. The open farmlands do have easy access to electricity. Therefore, a wind turbine will make things highly convenient by supplying power to the farms, and aid in irrigation and running heavy farming machines.


A 10kW wind turbine can be anywhere between 7 to 20 meters high. They usually cover an area of about 40-50 square meters. Nonetheless, these are very general dimensions. The size of a wind turbine, of course, varies according to the manufacturer.

A 10kWh wind turbine, by the title, should be able to produce up to 10,000 kWh of energy every year. But it again differs according to its capacity.

The usual lifespan of a regular 10kW wind turbine is 20 years, at least. However, based on how much wind and bad weather it withstands, and how well it is maintained, it can even last up to 25 years.


10kw Wind Turbines are pretty useful and much more potent in comparison to the usual 5kW models. It can help you reduce the use of non-renewable resources, which is beneficial both for you and the environment.

It also keeps your electricity bills low, which will give you more satisfaction. Therefore, if you are tired of paying high electricity bills, you should consider installing a 10kW Wind Turbine.